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War in Geminate Continues

2010-01-08 - Von Svarthol

Geminate - ATLAS and allies are successfully taking control of the strategic resources in the region while Widly Inappropriate. [WI] and the Northern Coalition forces strive to retain sovereignty.

The war in Geminate has had several hundred ship engagements taking place across the region, with two major engagements in systems K25-XD and Y8R-XZ.

Roughly two weeks ago in K25-XD, WI. reports that Solar Fleet [SOLAR] used a battleship heavy fleet to drop SBU's on gates in the system and incapacitate the K25-XD/Q-TBHW jump bridge and cyno jammer. Positioned on the Y8R-XZ/K25-XD jump bridge, the combined WI. and RAZOR fleets waited for the jump bridge on the other side to be clear and then moved inside the structure's shield. Meanwhile, Morsus Mihi [RAWR] staged from Akora and titan bridged into K25-XD, to combine with WI. and RAZOR and form up for sniper duels with SOLAR; multiple battles were fought around the SBU's and structures.

After several movements and engagements in the system the RAWR fleet was bubbled, at which point the WI. and RAZOR fleets started heavily damaging the SOLAR fleet that then proceeded for the U-L4KS gate to open several cyno fields and drop a capital fleet of carriers, dreadnoughts and motherships. Reports of spatial anomalies heavily affected the SOLAR capital fleet and allowed the Northern Coalition fleet to take down several of the opposing vessels. At this time ATLAS opened cyno fields dropping yet more carriers and dreadnoughts while at the same time trying to get away from the spatial distortions by warping out in random directions. [Around 30] dreadnought and carrier class vessels of SOLAR/Cult of War [-COW-]/ATLAS were destroyed, with no capital losses for WI./RAZOR/RAWR.

URDEAD2ME of RAZOR reports that "we were out numbered and we stayed and fought, then they escalated the fight to capitals, we stayed and still managed to still kill [several] of their capitals. We killed the battle ship fleet first, when the capitals cynoed in we killed what we could of them to hold the field and gather the wrecks."

An anonymous source close to ATLAS reports that the "K25 battle saw less than 30 losses in a fight which was [heavily affected by spatial anomalies interfering with our fleet operations]."

A week after in Y8R-XZ, WI. reports that initially they broke into the system and took control, with ATLAS and RED Alliance [RED] never making any effort to prevent the uncontested removal of their structures. When the only two WI. staging towers were coming out of reinforced and also the station was on its last reinforcement timer, "[a massive presence allowed taking] control of the system, [saving] the towers and also [destroying] the enemy SBU. A fleet of 700 allied pilots were on hand for the destruction of the SBU including multiple Northern Coalition titan class ships that flew in a 'V' formation over the hostile structure as a show of force."

Phreeze of RAZOR further adds that "we were able to easily brush aside the combined ATLAS/SOLAR/RED attempt on the station through mobilizing the entire Northern Coalition, they were unable to match our numbers and their SBU' were destroyed on the final reinforcement cycle."

An anonymous source close to ATLAS reports that "[in Y8R-XZ] Northern Coalition forces lost over 550 ships in a three day period to [ATLAS] less than 70 losses... K25-XD and Y8R-XZ were just sovereignty contests to draw out fights. WI. are still on the defensive, they are down to only 3 of 13 Technetium moons and their jump bridge infrastructure is either reinforced or destroyed. As originally intended we are here to provide [engagements] for our members, there is nothing at the moment going on in the South so we chose to seek alternate areas to engage hostiles. WI. is currently jamming all of its stations which has created an excessive sovereignty bill for them to maintain while currently running a deficit from having all of its Technetium moons either in hostile hands or in reinforced."

Asked to comment on the overall Geminate situation, Caladain Barton of WI. stated that "the spatial disruptions have [lead to the loss of] capital fleets and titans [in New Eden], it has boiled down to 'who is in system first holds the field'. WI. has not lost a single station system, nor suffered SBU's to live in our space thus far in the conflict. While we have lost a good number of Technetium moons, this has not significantly affected our income stream or our war fighting effort. Our morale is high, and we would like nothing more than to engage ATLAS in force. But due to the random spatial anomalies affecting the area, we have decided not to suicide our fleets by jumping into heavy numbers, thus the lost moons. The moons we have defended are the result of the Northern Coalition fleet getting in system before ATLAS. The ones we have lost are due to them getting in system first. We came to Geminate to get fights and we are liking the war. We came to fight and are very happy."

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