EVE Online Scope

2017-05-19 - By CCP Loki

Blood Raider Shipyard Under Attack!

Alton Haveri reports on events in Period Basis, after the attack an advanced shipyard belonging to the Blood Raider Covenant that appears to be based on a Sotiyo class engineering complex. With the Covenant forming a fleet in anticipation of the final attack, and local forces currently in the process of forming up for an attack, the situation remains volatile, and very likely to escalate in the coming hours!

2017-04-07 - By CCP Loki

YC119 Kyonoke Inquest

The Scope Galactic News Network reports live from the site of the YC119 Kyonoke Inquest in the Federal system of Postouvin. With thousands of capsuleers having arrived to contribute to research and development efforts, in a quest to resolve the ongoing quarantine crises across the cluster, the Inquest Center Keepstar has become a hive of activity.

2017-02-14 - By CCP Loki

DED Releases Details On Guardian Angels Infrastructure

Lina Ambre reports on the release of details pertaining to the location of Guardian Angels narcotics smuggling infrastructure, as intelligence gathered by the Federal Intelligence Office is handed over to the Directive Enforcement Department for dissemination to independent capsuleers. The Directive Enforcement Department has declared open season on these locations, confirming that free salvage rights apply to any non-contraband equipment found on site.

2016-12-13 - By CCP Loki

M-OEE8 Conflict Culminates In Destruction Of CO2 Keepstar

Alton Haveri reports from M-OEE8 in the nullsec region of Tribute, where the largest capsuleer battle in the history of New Eden took place this weekend, resulting in the destruction of a Keepstar class citadel belonging to Circle-Of-Two. With commentary from Progodlegend, The Judge, Killah Bee and Poision Kevin, four of the key pilots involved in the leadership of this conflict, The Scope Galactic News Network delves deep into the weekend’s events, and the potential fallout from such a large loss.

2016-12-09 - By CCP Loki

Circle-Of-Two Prepare For Defense Of M-OEE8 Keepstar

Lina Ambre reports from the border north of Lonetrek as tension mounts in the nullsec region of Tribute. This weekend is set to see one of the largest engagements of independent capsuleers in the history of New Eden as Circle-Of-Two and their allies look to defend a Keepstar class citadel against an attacking force that numbers in the thousands

2016-11-18 - By CCP Loki

Alpha Clone Technology Introduced Across New Eden

Alton Haveri reports on the deployment of new Alpha clone technology by the four major powers of New Eden, and the sudden rise in independent capsuleer traffic that the new CONCORD legislation in place to support it has created. Meanwhile, a splinter group from the Sisters of EVE has come forward with an ominous warning, claiming that the technology was gleaned from research, including the work done on Project Discovery, that has been performed on Drifter technology and clones.

2016-10-28 - By CCP Loki

Cloning Research Facility Attacked

Lina Ambre reports on Blood Raider attacks against shipping convoys after an intelligence leak from the Republic Fleet shines light on a cloning facility that was sieged by Covenant forces. With footage of new Blood Rader vessels now in the public domain, the Directive Enforcement Department has urged capsuleers and shipping pilots alike to be on high alert, and report any sightings to the authorities.

2016-09-27 - By CCP Loki

Imperial Guard Forms Up In Preparation For Coronation Of Catiz I

Alton Haveri reports on final preparations in the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad during the hours before the Coronation of Empress Catiz I. With the Imperial Guard on high alert and dignitaries, celebrities, political and military figures from across the cluster already converged on Amarr Prime for the most lavish celebration in generations, all eyes are on the Empire during this auspicious event.

2016-09-14 - By CCP Loki

Amarr Coronation preparations continue as CSM Summit commences

Lina Ambre reports on the commencement of the YC118 Council of Stellar Management summit in Yulai as the fourteen delegates of the council continue talks with the Inner Circle. In the Empire, the Imperial Armed Forces remain on high alert as preparations continue for the coronation of Empress Catiz I.

2016-08-16 - By CCP Loki

First Keepstar Destroyed in Nalvula

Alton Haveri reports on the first recorded destruction of a Keepstar class citadel, as a structure under construction by Project Mayhem in the Lonetrek system of Nalvula is sieged and destroyed by a Pandemic Legion led fleet of more than two thousand pilots.