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'Business as Usual' Say Minmatar Military in Response to Amarr-Khanid Unity

2009-06-19 - Publié par Svarthol

Pator – Senior figures within the Minmatar military establishment have dismissed recent developments in Amarr-Khanid relations as "changing very little" as far as the security of the Minmatar Republic is concerned. While a number of conciliatory moves have been made in recent months, the formal declaration of unity between the Amarr Empire and the Khanid Kingdom took New Eden's diplomatic community largely by surprise. In particular, Empress Jamyl I's decision to give Khanid II a seat in her Privy Council was unexpected and enhances her reputation for bold statecraft.

While he too admitted surprise at the nature of the move, Chief Scout Vir Honn of the Republic Fleet's Surveillance division nevertheless suggested that, beyond the technical details, it amounted to "business as usual." "When you analyze the last few years, the Amarr and Khanid have been co-operating quite closely on strategic objectives," said Honn. "For instance, the Audesder-Kenobanala border situation involved Khanid Kingdom forces from the very outset."

Remaining anonymous for security reasons, a senior officer in the Republic Security Services agreed with Honn. "In any conflict between the Minmatar people and Amarr, the Khanid interest lies in aiding the Amarr Empire," said the officer. "Even when relations between Amarr and Khanid were considered frosty, they worked together against us constantly."

By contrast, Krusual parliamentarian Tobias Efrit expressed some misgivings. "We should not fool ourselves into thinking this is an insignificant event," he warned. "I hear Vir Honn talking about the Audesder-Kenobanala stand-off and I am sure he hasn't forgotten the Khanid brought the Caldari with them." Efrit suggested that more attention should be paid to the potential for Amarr-Khanid developments to "permanently lock the Caldari in the Amarr camp."