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Community Beat for 1 September

2023-09-01 - Publié par EVE Online Community Team

o7 everyone!

It's only been two weeks since the last Community Beat, but the developments across New Eden in that time have been explosive! It's a packed-full-of-goodness Community Beat so let's get right into it!

Council of Stellar Management 18

First of all, CSM 18 campaigning is in full swing! Tonight (in fact, right now) and over the next 2 days, CCP will be interviewing CSM 18 candidates on our Twitch channel. Voting kicks off from 4 September until 11 September, it is one of the best ways to make sure you're informed and ready for voting, not to mention, also has its own unique Twitch drops campaign too!
50 Candidates are running and each of the candidates has made a campaign post on the forums but, if you prefer listening to what your candidates are campaigning for, then watching them in an interview might be your preferred method of digesting that information! You can find the schedule for the interviews below:

EVE University is also hosting two sessions at two different times this weekend (Saturday at 20:00 UTC and Sunday at 14:00 UTC) to try and ensure everyone has an opportunity to present themselves to the community!

EVE Operation: Epiphany

Last week we witnessed a large portion of the EVE Community being involved in our EVE Operation: Epiphany event. It seemed like almost the entirety of New Eden was on the hunt for the Jovian Stargates after The Invitation from the Deathless. We enjoyed watching so many of you getting involved with discovering the gates in addition to some of the cool content that you've created during your journey of discovery. Videomaker Zaqq shared with us a short trailer of their coverage of the Jovian gates, if you haven't seen them yet, we'd recommend checking it out:

Additional Landmarks - Cord of Elements

Whilst on the hunt for the new gates, a few people also took the opportunity to do a little sightseeing of some of the older Landmarks. In particular, Eaglefirely, who previously provided us with some awesome footage during the Stellar Transmuter story arc last year, took a tour around the Cord of Elements:

Destruction everywhere!

We also saw a variety of intense PVP action in the last couple of weeks. There was a colossal Dreadnought brawl in 4-ABS8, with destroyed ships in the region of 5T ISK!

Dato Koppla of Ushra'Khan also unfortunately lost their Daredevil to the hands of W0lf Crendraven of The Tuskers Co. in a 1 v 1. But what was so special about the loss that it deserves a mention you ask? Well, we were able to confirm that Dato has accrued, over several years, a whopping 274 Killmarks on their Daredevil before it was destroyed.
CCP Swift reached out to Dato to ask if they were to do it all over again, would they do it in a Daredevil again? Dato responded by saying:

"I wouldn’t, it would remind me of this Daredevil and the years I had it.
If I were to start again I’d use a different ship, maybe a Dramiel :)"

An incredible feat and we look forward to seeing how high the next one reaches!

Lancer goes.. lancing!

Eve Partner Draconic Slayer also gifted us with an ultra-cool Lancer Dreadnought video too. Incredibly well produced, it shows some carefully executed tactics of using a Lancer to prevent several capitals from docking after coming out of warp, ultimately leading to the trap being sprung and additional heavy hitters coming it to vaporize approximately 28B ISK of ships, in a little under 2 minutes!

Alliance Tournament XIX concluded!

We saw an incredible weekend of action in the Alliance Tournament XIX finals weekend, with nearly 10,000 viewers seeing Fraternity. coming through to be crowned Alliance Tournament victors for the tournament. Congratulations to them!
Gh0stiegaming did a recap of the finals with J1tah and Alliance Tournament commentator Chad Flame, It's a bit of a long video, but if you have an interest in the kind of conversations that happen with a team, or what competitive play in the community looks like, it's highly recommended!

Speaking of the Alliance Tournament - the organization in New Eden that traditionally regulates competitive play and runs the tournament, the IGC, also has a unique color brand SKIN that they use. u/Codethatrocks over on Reddit shared with us a mind-blowingly detailed Vindicator, flying the IGC colors, that even had segments that lit up! When we saw it, we were in awe of the beauty, incredible, incredible work!

Fanfest on the Horizon!

Lastly, during the Alliance Tournament, we announced on the first weekend that we suspected that Fanfest tickets were going to sell out before weekend two, and, sure enough, by Thursday all the tickets were gone! At the time of writing this, there are less than three weeks to go before it all kicks off, so expect to start hearing more news and the official schedule in the next few weeks!
It is also not uncommon that on the run-up to Fanfest, many players take the opportunity of their closest space-friends being near, to run events of their own as well! (We recommend keeping an eye out in the "Fanfest And Events" section on Discord.) Just to name a couple that we're aware of


Damassys Kadesh has extended an invitation to everyone to attend Capsuleer Bouldering (that is, wall climbing to the uninitiated!) on Thursday 21 September from 1400-1700 UTC. It's open to all skill levels, from, veterans to those that have never done it before - you can find more details over on the forum.

Tweetfleet Karaoke:

One of the traditions that has also been going on for well over the last 10 years now is the fabled "Tweetfleetmeet"! You'll find it at the Gaukurinn (Tryggvagata 22, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland) on Wednesday 20 September at 2030 UTC. The community organized (un)official Eve Fanfest pre-party you aren't allowed to miss. Plenty of CCP Devs, Alliance Leaders and regular Joe's having drinks and singing their favorite songs!

That's it for this week's episode of the Community Beat, we look forward to seeing you again in two weeks on the run-up to Fanfest!