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CSM 18 - Meet Your Candidates!

2023-08-23 - By EVE Online Team

Greetings capsuleers!

Over the last two weeks, we have reviewed all the CSM applications to ensure that they meet the outlined guidelines and eligibility requirements. In the last two terms, our goal was to achieve a 72-hour response time for applicants - a significant improvement from the earlier 2-week waiting period. This year, we honored this commitment for 75% of the applicants. However, a few applications experienced delays, mainly due to weekend schedules and a higher-than-expected volume of applicants. Our aim is to continually refine and streamline this process. Insights gained from this year will inform improvements in future cycles, and we thank all candidates for their patience and understanding.

To give a summary and reminder of the timeline for upcoming CSM18 key dates:

  • 1-15 August – Candidate submissions open

  • 2-18 August – Application processing

  • 23 August – Live candidate announcement <-- We are here

  • 23 August – 3 September – Campaign period <-- and here!

  • 4 September – 11 September – Voting period

  • 22 September – CSM 18 Announcement, live at Fanfest

For CSM 18, we've approved a record 50 candidates, the highest since CSM 12! Among them are familiar faces and a wave of new contenders eager to secure your vote. These candidates bring a vast array of experiences, and we're excited for the campaign period to learn more about each one.

Let's meet your 50 candidates!




Short Pitch

Alcoholic Satan

Pandemic Horde

A Blessed Bean

Director of Horde for almost 6 years. Specializes in home defense umbrellas, capital and super capital ratting, and rorqual mining/multiboxing. Wants to have more reasons to go out and blow things up in space.

Amelia Duskspace



Experienced YT Creator, 2x AT Champ, Skilled FC in Mid-Scale & Small-Gang. Expert in WH,NS, and Pochven. Running for CSM to reshape Risk vs Reward, drive CCP innovation via dynamic updates, and balance large group projection via Ansiblex adjustments.

Angry Mustache

Goonswarm Federation


Angry Mustache is running for re-election to continue the work of helping CCP improve Eve's economy.

Arhont Sibirskii

Can i bring my Drake...

Deadly Dozen Mans

Mid scale FC. CEO small null sec alliance. Not in powerblocks. Streamer. EVE Partner. Organizer of open PVE and PVP fleets. Over 10 years in EVE online.

Cael Caderu

Deepwater Hooligans

Nobody in Local

Greetings! I am running for CSM 18 as a smallgang (2-20) and midrange (20-100) PVP expert. I can speak to a variety of mechanics and ecosystems in the game, particularly faction warfare and lowsec piracy. I am the CEO of Nobody In Local, a corp in the Deepwater Hooligans (BIGAB) alliance.

Corporal Fillip


Rest Stop

Aloha; Many rookies find me first in Rookie Help. Many others meat me through my gift program for rookies, in career systems. I endeavor to be helpful to new players, to clarify how to do basic things early on. I have a holding corp so they can avoid default corp taxes, while they find friends and future corps. My efforts are generally about not losing new players to small difficulties in the first weeks. First character May 2009

Dario Kaelenter



Championing the casual and the new players to help support positive growth of the Eve Universe.

Dark Shines

The Initiative.

Void of Eden.

I've played Eve since 2004, trying all play styles that New Eden had to offer throughout my journey, but specialising in Null Sec. I am the Alliance Leader and main FC of The Initiative. My goal is to make New Eden a better place for anyone who shares this online Universe.


Gooseflock Featheration


Long time veteran of the game seeks to continue to help the game



The Classy Gentlemans Corporation

Wormholer BTW, but not the high class kind running big fleets. Just a small boi running small boi fleets. Jank is my bread and butter.

Drake Iddon

Rote Kapelle


I have dedicated my Pochven career striving to help create a truly uncontrollable yet fair region where the core EVE pillar of risk/reward is fully realised. Help me use this experience to elevate Pochven to the heights it deserves while also fostering these unique experiences in the entire cluster.

Dujek Oneye

Brave Collective

Brave Newbies Inc.

I've been the Brave Collective tournament captain for 3 years. I live in nullsec, and have lived in lowsec and wormholes. I want the game to encourage flying a variety of ships by giving them good niches and balance. I believe inclusiveness is important for the community and the game as a whole.


Arataka Research Consortium

Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd.

Highsec, PVE, lore and Pochven candidate. Multiple suggestions, such as using the lore for content delivery, no tether when -5.0, shadow wars for FW and non FW members and no XL-structures in Highsec, have made it into the game despite not being elected. Imagine what I can do if I do get elected.

Gabriell Bemenacth


Svarog Liberi

6/7 year old player. Main experiences primairily are, but arent limited to, all Pochven content (Pochven based), Blopsing and cap hunting, small to mid sized fleet engagements and small gang/solo pvp. My primairy focus is Pochven related content and it's cross-over with New Eden at large.

Gideon Zendikar



Solo/Small gang pilot, with experience FCing on any scale of operation as well as being in leading positions in several former Alliances. Always had a foot in the door of newbie Alliances to help them by giving advise when needed.

Gornilo STrubanov

UA Fleets


Greetings, I am the fleet commander of the UA Fleets alliance and the CEO of the Haidamaky [GORN] сorporation. My experience in the game is about 6 years, playing in a wormhole, in sov nullspace with power blocks, npc nullsecs. I really liked the idea of The South Eastern Agreement and for the last six months we have been actively fighting for our piece of space with small forces. Going to CSM, I want to advocate the idea of creating a layer of content specifically for small teams, so that there is an opportunity to win and lose a claim specifically for small teams.

Grima The Mad



I have been playing Eve online actively for the better part of twelve years. In that time I have had the pleasure of experiencing many facets of the game, high sec, low sec, null, and wormhole. I have experienced all of these solo, and through corporations and alliances. I would love to see this game thrive.

Gustav Mannfred

Remember Mumuit

Summer of Mumuit

Played since 2009, enjoyed the old abyssal arena and want to see it back. Balance, Security and Ecosystems are areas of expertise too.


Goonswarm Federation


Shadowy vizier, paper pusher, strategy analyst and financier for two different historical versions of nullsec bloc warfare


Northern Coalition.


I am Kelmac, Blank-Space member and Fleet Commander for Northern Coalition.

Kilyavi Alaailaa

4Crabs Tavern

Sargos Corporation

Candidate from PvP oriented W-space

Kontan Rekor

Goonswarm Federation


Modder with game design experience, came to EVE looking for ideas, decided to stay. I intend to provide the CSM with the perspective of a new player that missed out on the 'glory days' of EVE.

Kshal Aideron

The Ancients.

F.U.N. Inc.

Since starting in 2020, my playtime has been about bettering the experience of rookies in the Eve Online landscape. With the founding of Eve Rookies, community development has become a passion. Add a sprinkle of wanting to make Eve accessible to as many as possible and you have my recipe for CSM18.

Lady Death Strike

Broken Chains Alliance

Minmatar Death Squad

A player in your corner.



Federal Navy Academy

I am an Independent Candidate and long term NPSI FC, who is looking forward to representing Capsuleers who enjoy open community-based content of either PVP, PVE, and Mining. I would describe myself as a jack of all trades kind of player, who enjoys both PVP and Industry based activities.

Lee Adoulin

Solyaris Chtonium

Space Wolves ind.

Null sec miner and industry guy.

Luke Anninan


Into Oblivion.

Going for my second term after a successful CSM17. Still lots to get done and if I am re-elected, I will continue to work on behalf of the players of Eve Online. Regardless of where they come from or their particular play styles.

Mark Resurrectus


Holey Roamin' Empire

Hello friends, I'm your friendly neighborhood wormholerbtw CSM incumbent Mark Resurrectus, back again to try and convince the wormpeople to do something they've actually never done before - get the same candidate on the CSM in back to back years.

Melicien Tetro

Azdaja Clade

Azdaja Kybernaut Subclade

Grew up with Eve, going on 20 years - Triglavian Invasion FC, Pochven and Wormhole Resident. Passionate about lore-scrying, new player retention, and content creation. Community. Collaboration. Inclusivity. Good fight, good life, and friendship is the best ship.

Mike Azariah


The Scope

Representing new and casual players of the game. Unaligned to any corp or alliance. Veteran Council member (CSM 8, 9, 10, 15, 16) and reasonable. Known to communicate well with players and devs.



Pator Tech School

The Mad Scientist who has escaped his laboratory in Minmatar Republic Space. Please contact the nearest Minmatar Republic Authorities and return him to them if found floating in capsule.

Nala Queen

Synergy of Steel

The Shadow Scorpions 2.0

PVP, PVE, Mining, Industry, Nullsec

Nuke Michael

Snuffed Out


Lowsec candidate from snuffed out, wanting to improve the game for all of lowsec, My main expertise is in FC'ing mid-largeish scale fights (for lowsec) as well as my previous experience in faction warfare fighting.


The Initiative.


On the CSM my main focus is and will always be PVP and the opportunities required to create content. Be it solo, small, mid or large scale fights i know what is needed to make stuff happen on a daily basis.



Blue Canary

The CSM needs representation that favours a war driven universe over a safety driven one. Eve has always been at its best when nobody's empire has been set in stone. It’s time for the map to unfreeze. See phantomite.com for specifics and contact!

RGC Godfather

Nebula Industries And Frozen Assets

Die By The Sword

Fully on Anti-Gank agenda. Protection of the little guy and new players.

Rico Shikkoken

United Caldari Space Command.

Kairiola's Legacy

Played in wormholes and faction warfare primarily. I build my own tools using ESI. I am partially colour blind and run eve on Linux. I advocate mostly for quality of life improvements, I am new enough to remember the struggles associated with being new to eve.

Rots Mijnwerker


Into the Ether

Just Another Dude in a Spaceship.



Don't Be a Menace to South Central

I am glad to welcome you capsuleers and CCP at the next stage of the elections to the CSM Council! With great enthusiasm I put forward my candidacy for consideration! Additionally, I want to express my respect and gratitude to the CCP that this year they resorted to the practice of the Egonics corporation and are ready to cooperate with unknown and little-known candidates, giving them a chance to show themselves. I wish good luck to all candidates!

Sol Weintroub

Rusty Hyenas Clan

Rusty Hyenas

A pilot, who's been playing actively for about 5 years and who have found himself in Small and Mid scale WH PVP flying a wide range of ships. I had tried various activities across New Eden, but wormholes took my heart away. That's why I want to be in CSM'18 and to represent a part of WH Community.

Stitch Kaneland

The Tuskers Co.

The Tuskers

Do you want fun and balanced ships, along with a healthy pvp ecosystem? Then i'm your guy. I'm open minded, willing to listen and have a good discussion on a topic. My track record out of the CSM already includes 10+ changes that CCP has implemented into the game. Imagine what I could do while on the CSM.

Storm Delay

Pandemic Horde

Horde Vanguard.

CSM 17 incumbent, planning on building on the past year of experience to keep pushing for better conflict drivers, saner power projection, and regular meta-altering PvP balance changes.



Dark Shado

A player that has freely given money since 2003 to CCP to play Eve Online non-stop and wants more reasons in future to keep sending money to play by being part of the CSM in 2023. Be part of the dream with me.

The Oz


Pecunia Infinita

Proven, respected, and professional EVE markets and economy expert — Completely independent without any alliance influence or commitments — Purely focused on making the game better — Years of experience discussing issues with CCP, CSM members, and expert players on my Twitch show and podcast.

Torvald Uruz


Abyssal Lurkers

After success on CSM15 with getting CCP to finally work on Factional Warfare I'm ready to come back and do more work on other areas that need attention, mainly PvE across the game and balancing risk/reward.

Twan Molenaar

The Amarr Militia.

Duemmst anzunehmende Piloten

My Name is Twan Molenaar im 25 years old and i have been Part of eve since 2013 and have lived trough a lot of awesome times in the game. I started out in FW space in Black rise when i first started out the game and stayed there for a few years after wich i moved to Circle Of Two where i was FC Till its Collapse. I am currently living in the Amarr FW space where i am fighting against Minmil. From the time spend there i have noticed quite a few things to improve Eve online in general and for the people in Lowsec/Fw space and make it more enjoyable for everyone. the points im directly hoping to be able to improve when on csm or listed below in the read more section.

Velonad Tyldamere

Pandemic Legion

Habitual Euthanasia

My name is Velonad and I’ve been playing EVE since 2007, for the most part in either low sec or null sec. Since 2010 I’ve been a part of Pandemic Legion and my fields of expertise are mainly PvP and mid-scale industry. These two playstyles will be the focus of my CSM candidacy.

White 0rchid



15 years spent across many areas of EVE but with a primary focus on PvP from both small gang and tournaments to large fleets. Providing assistance to organisations like EVE Uni. Believe in giving more opportunity to players to create or participate in content.

William Chen

The Initiative.

Children Of The Isotope

Just a man who plays eve online, have been part of the last few big war. Want to help shape the future of New Eden.

Yondu Quill

Brave Collective


Industry and finance scoped CSM sun-praising candidate, passionate about things that can or could be built so you all can destroy them, from atrons to keepstars. Palantine and Angel caps when? SoonTM

The CSM campaign season officially kicks off today, 23 August, and will continue until voting ends on 11 September. This is your chance to acquaint yourself with potential representatives and understand their vision. Each candidate maintains a dedicated forum thread on the Eve Online forums, highlighting their campaign objectives. Many of our Eve Online Partners, along with other content creators, might also spotlight these CSM campaigns, offering varied perspectives on the candidates' messages.

As with last year, CCP will be hosting brief interviews with the candidates during this active campaign period live on CCPTV. We’ll be coordinating with the candidates this week to schedule a series of interviews across several time zones to accommodate each candidate. Once we've determined the schedule, we'll post the dates and times on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and Discord. Don’t worry if you can’t tune-in live, though, the VoD will be saved on the channel giving you ample opportunity to listen to the interviews for any of the candidates during the voting period!

Given the expansion of our CSM this year, these interviews bear greater significance. Our selection for the additional two candidates will draw from insights gathered through campaign threads and official interviews.

Lastly, a reminder: The CSM elections operate on the STV system. This unique method allows you to handpick multiple candidates on your ballot. We encourage you to include all candidates who resonate with you. If a top pick gets elected, your votes could cascade to other choices on your list!

CSM 18 promises to be one of the most exciting and competitive councils we've seen to date. With a myriad of dedicated candidates with very diverse backgrounds, the future looks bright! We urge every player to get involved, familiarize themselves with the candidates, and - come 4 September - exercise their right to vote.