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CSM 18 NES Rewards

2023-09-08 - Publié par EVE Online Team

Balloting capsuleers, 

Elections for the 2023 Council of Stellar Management (CSM18) are underway, and to celebrate EVE’s next season of player representation a selection of three gifts will be made available to all capsuleers for free through the NES on 8, 9, and 10 September: 

  • 8 September: Council Diplomatic Shuttle 

  • 9 September: Council Diplomatic Shuttle Semiotique Sports SKIN 

  • 10 September: Agency Support Drop 

Additionally, as a special reward for those who vote in the CSM elections, any account which votes will also receive a free Council Diplomatic Shuttle SARO ‘Black Troop’ SKIN! 

Vote for your preferred representatives and help guide EVE towards a brighter future. 

We’ll see you at the polls – and in space! 

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