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Grand Opening of New Hotel

2008-02-13 - Publié par Svarthol

Delve - An Interstellar Correspondent recently came across an advertisement on GalNet for the Pleasure Tower Hotel located within the system T-J6HT. Although there are countless numbers of manufacturing and recreational facilities scattered throughout the frontiers of New Eden, none have ever been open to the general public.

Masu’di, CEO of Es and Whizz, was the author of the original advertisement and is currently the General Manager of the Pleasure Tower Hotel. He agreed to answer a few questions with a member of our staff:

Magnus Balteus: You chose to build your hotel in a remote part of space, away from the eyes of empire law enforcement agencies. Some may think your hotel will cater to some of the more unsavory elements of New Eden. How do you respond to that?

Masu’di: Our initial interest in T-J6HT began when we had a bet within the alliance to see how long a starbase would last in an area of space that the popular pod pilot imagination holds as fiercely defended and impenetrable. We felt that a lot of New Eden's frontier alliances have vast swathes of frontier space, that in many cases are empty and under-used. So looking for a little excitement and adventure from my normal alliance pen pushing duties, I loaded up a Mastodon plotted a route, and set off.

The starbase held, to the surprise of some, and the area was reported as very quiet and relatively safe. The point proven, we did not want our efforts to go to waste. With insignificant gas cloud concentrations, the area is of little real strategic interest to our alliance [Es and Whizz specialize in booster production –ed.]. So rather than take it down, we have begun its conversion into a hotel, offering the system to the pod pilot community as a system to relax, mine, explore, adventure in.

In answer to any accusations of "unsavory" elements, our hotel on the Frontier does have the advantage of being without the various moral frameworks that the Empires operate under. Whether this attracts or repels people, is not of too much concern to us... all are welcome.

MB: Sovereignty indicators on current ship maps show that T-J6HT has no sovereignty claims. However, most of the surrounding systems are claimed by Band of Brothers. Do you have a working relationship with Band of Brothers that provides some measure of security for your guests?

Masu’di: Unfortunately, we had a small "incident" with the reactor, and lost all power briefly. Our sovereignty beacon will resume again shortly. Band of Brothers have sovereignty in most of the surrounding systems, but we have not thought it necessary to contact them, as our initial scouting revealed little activity in the system. This is not something particular of just Band of Brothers, but the same for many of the large territorial alliances in New Eden.

However, we do not feel our actions are an aggressive act towards Band of Brothers, and they will be welcomed to book a visit the same as any of the other guests.

MB: In addition to facilities for parties and receptions, what other amenities are available to guests? What can they do or not do while staying at the Pleasure Tower?

Masu’di: We are hoping to expand our hotel, with the inclusion of a casino. There are plans to increase our luxury accommodation capacity with the deployment of a range of habitation modules, pending on the acquisition of a production license and blueprint. We also have technicians, looking into "unlocking" ship maintenance arrays for public use, but we fear this will not be a possibility.

As for guest dos and don'ts, we maintain a very libertarian philosophy at the hotel, and guests are pretty much able to do as and what they please, as long as these actions do not harm or inconvenience others.

MB: Is security in T-J6HT itself provided by the hotel?

Masu’di: The hotel at T-J6HT is unarmed, relying on only its shields for protection. We took this standpoint, as we want to make it clear that T-J6HT is a place for relaxation and enjoyment, rather than violence. We will consider placing a number of electronic warfare batteries surrounding the hotel, if the situation warrants it.

MB: Since your hotel falls outside of any legal sphere of influence, how would a guest injured during their stay be compensated?

Masu’di: We ask that all pilots have fully paid up insurance and clones. We will only offer compensation, and return of payment if we have to cancel their booking, or it is curtailed due to unexpected circumstances.

MB: I understand that the hotel has only been recently opened. Do you have many reservations yet?

Masu’di: We've had some interest expressed but no confirmed bookings yet.

MB: Do you have plans for building any more hotels?

Masu’di: We will have to wait and see how this hotel goes before we expand any further, though there are some plans drifting around for a Slaver Dog Race Track to be deployed somewhere.

Interstellar Correspondents has briefly visited T-J6HT and has confirmed that it appears to be a quiet, little traveled system. While getting visitors into Delve may be a challenge, the success of this venture may pave the way for new and exciting prospects for adventure seekers throughout New Eden.

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