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Havoc hits EVE Online 14 Nov

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The EVE keynote at this year’s 20th anniversary Fanfest was packed full of exciting news about EVE’s upcoming Havoc expansion, the intense new Vanguard FPS module heading to New Eden, and a steady stream of community developments to help EVE step triumphantly into its third decade.

First, Fanfest 2023 kicked off with a stellar welcome ceremony, attended by none other than Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President of Iceland. Special thanks to President Jóhannesson for his warm words regarding EVE and its wonderful players.

Announcing Havoc, the next EVE expansion

One of the most anticipated announcements from the keynote was EVE’s next expansion - Havoc - releasing on 14 November! More details will be unveiled at the expansion presentation at 12:30 UTC on Saturday, which you’ll be able to watch live on CCP TV.

When Havoc hits New Eden, you’ll have the opportunity to align with one of two pirate factions: the Angel Cartel or the Guristas to aid the mysterious Deathless. Whichever side you choose, you’ll be tasked with undertaking insurgencies deep within the Factional Warfare frontlines, sowing chaos as you corrupt the warzone.

As well as this intriguing new twist on Factional Warfare, Havoc also opens up a new system for capsuleers to explore - and the gates to Zarzakh are open for you to experience! Soon, the mysterious Deathless will be calling on all capsuleers willing to help them with their research efforts, so stay tuned for further developments in this new system.

The Havoc expansion will also bring brand new ships. The stunning, highly desired Azariel-class Angel Cartel titan will make its first appearance in EVE with the release of the new expansion, along with a selection of powerful Angel and Guristas battlecruisers and destroyers.

Introducing The Vanguard

A new generation of war clones are about to impact New Eden, fighting for their survival and to free their consciousness. EVE Vanguard is a dynamic and evolving FPS experience in early development, and connected to EVE Online from Day 1.

You’ll be able to impact EVE Online directly through Frontline Corruption, fueling the war machine of New Eden when it comes online in December. Be among the first to join the ranks of the Vanguard by signing up today.

Further strengthening organizations!

Empower your corporation with Havoc’s enhancements to Corporation Projects and AIR Opportunities.

Corporation Projects will become easier to manage, and more attractive to take part in. Automated project payouts (in ISK, LP and Evermarks) removes the need for manual payouts and with additional seven new contribution types added to Corp Projects you will see more variety in ways to engage your corporation members.

A new corporation project manager role will also help corporations plan their endeavours more efficiently, while a Clone / Repeat Project button will make recurring tasks much easier to manage.

Improvements are also being made to the discoverability of AIR Opportunities in the New Player Experience. All players can now see the latest opportunities available to them, and the UI will see improvements to give more prominence to this feature. In addition, players will be able to pause and come back to the AIR New Player Experience.

You can look forward to alliance and corporation emblems being added to the new ships in November as well as other great personalization options to come in 2024 and beyond.

For more details on the November expansion make sure you don’t miss the Havoc Expansion presentation at 12:30 UTC on Saturday followed by two panels at 14:00 and 15:00.

You can now watch the keynote on Youtube or catch up on all of today’s events over on CCP TV.

A new CSM and the latest community events

In further community news, work has begun with EVE player T’Amber to introduce player made SKINs. The first of these is the Megathron SKIN found in the Collector’s Edition, and more are being worked on right now.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Fanfest without the election of a new CSM! The results of the CSM18 election have just been announced, and we’re delighted to welcome your elected representatives to the latest iteration of the player council:

  • Kazanir

  • Alcoholic Satan

  • Luke Anninan

  • Angry Mustache

  • Storm Delay

  • Dark Shines

  • Mike Azariah

  • The Oz

  • Mark Resurrectus

  • Amelia Duskspace

To ensure the CSM represents a diverse variety of interests in EVE, CCP is also choosing two more candidates who finished the election in positions 11-20:

  • Kshal Aideron

  • Stitch Kaneland

We’re also thrilled to announce that Alliance Tournament XX will return once more in 2024! Full details of the tournament and prizes will be revealed in due course, but we’re looking forward to a very special 20th tournament.

Talking of storied histories, The Making Of EVE documentary has also enjoyed a stellar reception at Fanfest this year. Even better, it’s available to watch right now on the Escapist’s YouTube channel.

PLEX For GOOD Forever

EVE players have long demonstrated their generosity, raising over 1.2 million dollars supporting humanitarian efforts through the PLEX For GOOD initiative. We’re delighted to announce that PLEX For GOOD will soon change to allow players to make contributions at any time.

Donations will be accepted continuously, and suggestions on which causes to support will be made in partnership between CCP and the CSM. Shortly after Fanfest, CCP will sit down with the newly-elected CSM18 and begin preparations to roll out this popular initiative on a permanent basis.

Project Discovery embarks on new research into cancer

The fourth phase of Project Discovery was also revealed at the keynote.

More than 700,000 of you took part in Project Discovery’s COVID-19 program, contributing a combined 330 years’ worth of research towards understanding the effects of the disease. The Project Discovery team will soon begin building on these incredible efforts to explore critical immune diseases, including cancer.

When the next phase of research begins in 2024, you’ll also be able to contribute to Project Discovery’s vital work using the new Play Science mobile app! This companion app will open up new ways for you to interact with Project Discovery, directly from your phone.

You can stay up to date with all the latest news and developments at the official EVE Online Project Discovery website.

Explore new gateways to the EVE universe

There are so many new ways to explore the unique universe of EVE on the horizon, and we’re excited to share updates on what’s next for New Eden.

EVE Galaxy Conquest is a 4X strategy game for mobile devices, where players will work as a team to battle opponents for interstellar supremacy. The game draws on the key components of what makes EVE so special - teamwork, combat, territorial control, politics - and reinvents them for an exciting mobile strategy experience.

Be among the first to take part in this fresh take on EVE’s unmistakable universe by visiting the official EVE Galaxy Conquest site.

For a more social slice of EVE, the keynote also featured the upcoming board game, EVE: War for New Eden. Produced in collaboration with Titan Forge, War For New Eden is designed for both existing fans and newcomers alike. Expect more of EVE’s signature space exploration, player-driven narratives, and strategic warfare, right on your own tabletop.

You can follow War For New Eden’s Kickstarter page for more information when the campaign officially kicks off later this year.

We’ve also re-opened orders for EVE’s gorgeous 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition for the duration of Fanfest! Make sure you place your order before the end of 24 September.

Day 2 of Fanfest - stay tuned for more!

If you’d like to catch up on even more of today’s Fanfest’s announcements and events, head over to the VOD section of CCP’s Twitch channel. Here you’ll be able to enjoy the very best of Fanfest 2023, and a full schedule of this year’s many presentations is available to pore over too.

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There’s plenty more to come tomorrow! Make sure you tune in throughout the day to stay on top of the very latest from this year’s Fanfest celebrations, and earn some exclusive Twitch Drops while you’re at it.

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Fly safe and enjoy more Fanfest tomorrow!