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Pirates Rampant in Solitude

2008-01-17 - Publié par Svarthol

Pierre Dumonte, CEO of Aurora Security (with The Cyrene Initiative Alliance) issued a call on Galnet for the residents of Solitude to join together to rid Solitude of pirates. He mentioned Notoriety Alliance, Red Skull Alliance, and the Soul Cartel Alliance as being the main culprits.

“Aurora Security and the rest of the residents of Solitude have grown tired of these brigands and their allies,” he said. “This is a call to all of Solitude to join ranks and show these low life punks that Solitude is not their playground. This call also goes out to the (Solitude) community that borders on Syndicate. We need to teach these pirates that preying on innocents is punishable by death.”

The situation in Solitude is not a simple one. When contacted for an interview, Darqnite of the Soul Cartel Alliance agreed that a coalition is needed to deal with the pirate problem in Solitude but he classified The Cyrene Initiative as part of the problem. “These people,” he said, “openly flaunt the traditional rules of war and attack anyone and everyone.”

XxKatharsisxX and XxTiggerxX, the actual leaders of the Soul Cartel, do not deny that they are pirates. They point out, however, that they live in a region other than Solitude and that they only make forays into Solitude from time to time. “Usually if we enter Solitude,” they said, “everyone hides.” They went on to say, “Actually Aurora Security isn’t much of a threat to any pirates in the area… so actually the initiative surprised us; we didn’t take it that serious.” They concluded our interview by shouting, “PIRACY FOR LIFE.”

Kavu of the Soul Cartel said Dumonte’s Alliance should “feel free to visit us, but do so at your own risk, we will not be responsible for lost or damaged ships.”

Beyond the corporations and alliances that The Cyrene Initiative charges as being pirates, Dumonte mentioned an individual pilot by the name of SK Rooster. “SK Rooster is a problem the region can really do without,” he said. “Getting killed by SK Rooster has become a rite of passage in Solitude. You are not a true resident until he’s killed you. He’s a good tactician and he knows how to play with and force people into making mistakes. He is really good at what he does, but he can be stopped.”

S.K Rooster responded to Dumonte’s comments about him by saying, “I have noticed that several different corps and alliance have been working together against us. Honestly I don’t think they can stop me as it would require them moving into our space for at least one month in force. The best they can do at this point is to get better at scouting, and minimize their losses.” When asked how he felt about being singled out as an individual he said, “I don’t mind it at all, if they want to send all their forces after me, great; it would be even better if they were to come into our space and then I could show them some other tactics.” Rooster gladly accepts being called a pirate and says, “I will keep doing what I’m doing and no one can stop me.”

Moridin Bashere of The Red Skull Alliance responded to Dumonte’s call for anti-pirate operation by simply saying, “Bring it is all I have to say.” KingRizen, also with Red Skull, suggested that Dumonte and his allies “should buy their way” to good standing with Red Skull.

Though non-pirate organizations are attempting to coordinate their efforts to put a stop to the piracy in Solitude, the pirates are confident that they hold the upper hand. Time will tell if the rampant pirate problem in Solitude can be brought under control. Until then, pod pilots should use extra caution when entering the low security systems within Solitude.