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Sansha's Nation Recruiting

2011-09-16 - Publié par Svarthol

Pator, Heimatar – On Wednesday, Citizen Astur appeared in the Pator system and exchanged words with capsuleer Drake Arson, a long-time Sansha supporter, and asked “are you ready to join with us?” Citizen Astur quickly formed a wormhole which took Drake Arson to Nation's home region in Stain.

A capsuleer task force quickly assembled and responding managed to destroy Citizen Astur’s Revenant, after which Citizen Arson re-emerged from the wormhole piloting a Hel Supercarrier and re-engaged the capsuleer force. The task force of 80+ pilots managed to defeat Citizen Arson, his last words included, “I can return there whenever I please”.

Attempting to contact former pilot Drake Arson, he had only these words: “Citizen Arson is Nation. I am Nation. We are one.”

Ghost Hunter, a well known Sansha supporter and CEO of True Slave Foundations, portrayed the event as “beautiful”. He said: “Brother Arson's work has proved invaluable and I am glad he has found home in Nation.”

While ISD Tedra Kerrigan was the first reported capsuleer to be pulled into Sansha’s ranks, Drake Arson is the first Sansha supporter and willing convert to join Nation.

“Big or small, weak or strong, all are unified within Nation. Together, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.” These are the words of True Slave Foundations. Such devout worship may sooner or later draw further supporters into the grasp of Nation.

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ISD Tedra Kerrigan cloned by Nation

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