1v1 Battleship APG for Anger Games 5 | EVE Online

1v1 Battleship APG for Anger Games 5

2022-06-10 - EVE Online Team

Battle-hungry Capsuleers!

To mark Anger Games 5, another intense Proving Grounds awaits you. This time, you’ll need to fit your best battleships and go toe-to-toe in a 1v1 showdown scheduled for 12 June.

To spice things up, you and your opponents will enjoy double the benefits of overheating the following module groups:

  • Tackle Modules
  • Propulsion modules
  • Repair Modules
  • Resistance Modules
  • Energy Warfare Modules
  • Turrets
  • Launchers

In other words, expect this one to go off with a bang!

A tough challenge demands juicy rewards, of course. Dish out at least 15,000 damage to your opponent, and you’ll receive a 100m ISK reward for your efforts. Even better, the challenge is repeatable, giving you the opportunity to make some serious bank throughout the day.

As always, there are certain restrictions to keep you on your toes when planning your fits. You won’t be able to enter the combat arena if you have a ship within your frigate escape bay, and you must only fit a single Local Repair Module (shield or armor).

Tech 2 rigs are also banned, along with the following modules and rigs:

  • Sensor Dampeners
  • Weapon Disruptors
  • Shield Boost Amplifiers
  • Shield Rechargers
  • Shield Power Relays
  • Shield Flux Coils
  • Core Defense Field Purger Rigs
  • Core Defense Capacitors Safeguard Rigs
  • Core Defense Operational Solidifier Rigs
  • Auxiliary Nano Pump Rigs
  • Nanobot Accelerator Rigs

Start preparing now for this single-day Proving Grounds event, and make sure you pack a punch if you want to make the most of those repeatable ISK rewards!

Be sure to check in on the finals of the Anger Games tournament action too. Watch live on CCP TV.