2019/09/10 - September Release Deployment Information | EVE Online

2019/09/10 - September Release Deployment Information

2019-09-06 - CCP Falcon

We're delighted to announce that deployment of the September release is scheduled for next Tuesday, September 10th, during a slightly extended daily downtime.

Downtime will begin at the usual time of 11:00 UTC and will run for a total of thirty minutes.

It is expected that Tranquility will be back online and accepting connections at 11:30 UTC.

The September release brings changes to cynosural fields generators - reducing the number of hulls they can be fitted to in order to make hotdropping a more tactical choice.

Similarly, this release sees the introduction of the new Industrial Cynosural Field Generator that can be fitted by Industrials, Blockade Runners and Deep Space Transports. New industrial cynosural fields can be used by jump freighters, so as to reduce the impact of the cynosural field changes on logistical supply runs to more remote and dangerous areas of space.

Brand new wormhole graphics and audio also come with this release, with clearer visual representation of a wormhole's remaining lifespan and mass handling capacity. Check out this devblog for more details.

This release also sees the introduction of a whole host of visual and gameplay fixes and changes, including restriction on the Venture to prevent it from capturing lowsec faction warfare complexes, and a substantial number of UI and UX improvements.

For all the details on what's coming with this release, check out the full patch notes here!