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Advanced manufacturing

2003-09-05 - CCP Oveur

One of the things that has been in the pipes for a couple of months now is Tech Level II. There are some items already in-game but the reason for it not being widespread is that Tech Level II stuff has a more complex manufacturing process.

Tech Level II needs new things to manufacture certain items, need the new mineral coming and also has additional skill requirements to do it (Being able to do it) and others to enhance the process (Efficiency). Research is also a big part of this since you will need more than just the Science or Research skill to do anything advanced.

Tech Level I is more like a “common denominator” so that everyone has access and can manipulate most of the things in-game from when they start until they reach a certain level in the game, Tech Level II (and III, IV, V) will considerably advance that process and have far more prerequisites than the current level.

The focus of the work now is on the manufacturing process of Tech II and you can expect to see this in the next month or so.