Alpha Ship Spotlight - Orthrus | EVE Online

Alpha Ship Spotlight - Orthrus

2017-12-25 - CCP Falcon


A relatively new hull developed by Mordu’s Legion engineers in response to rumours of a new type of fast attack vessel from the Guristas Pirates, the Orthrus was born as part of a new breed of rapid strike vessels.

The crash development of this family of ships has seen the emergence of a new style of vessel that provides both tactical flexibility and solid firepower across several ship lines.

The Orthrus is at the core of Mordu’s Legion’s newest strike formations, and provides superior projection of damage using flexible missile subsystems, while still leaving room for fast target interdiction and the ability to effectively control the range at which engagements take place.

In Detail:

Class: Cruiser

Weapons: 5 Launchers

Slot Layout:

  • 6 High Power Slots
  • 5 Medium Power Slots
  • 4 Low Power Slots
  • 3 Medium Rig Slots


(Per level of Gallente Cruiser)

  • 10% bonus to Warp Scrambler and Warp Disruptor maximum range.

(Per level of Caldari Cruiser)

  • 15% bonus to missile damage

Role Bonus:

  • 200% bonus to missile velocity.
  • 50% penalty to missile flight time.