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Campaign blunder makes Foiritan a laughing stock.

2005-04-27 - Svarthol

While Eman Autrech and Mentas Blaque launched their election campaigns with only the minimal of hitches, current president Souro Foiritan was left sitting in the dust looking like a fool. Foiritan has never been known to be the most prepared or meticulous of men, but even his blasé reputation can’t save him some blushes now. While the thoroughly trained delegates of Autrech and Blaque are busy stoking the campaign fires of their respective masters, Foiritan’s supporters have nothing but pitiful embers to spit at.

Soon after it became evident that Foiritan’s delegates were woefully unqualified and inexperienced the president quickly distanced himself from the whole thing. All he has been willing to say on the matter is that it was still early in the race and plenty of time to catch up. Even if pilots supporting Autrech and Blaque got a good head start on those supporting Foiritan, it is of no consequence as the latter are only competing against themselves.

Still, this does not detract from the fact that Foiritan’s cause has suffered greatly in the public eye. But only time will tell how, or if, this will affect Foiritan’s chances of retaining his presidency. In the meantime, those wishing for five more years under Foiritan can only hope that the crash-course his delegates just went through suffices to keep Foiritan in the race.