Community Beat for 15 March | EVE Online

Community Beat for 15 March


Hello spacefriends! Welcome to the latest installment of the Community Beat. We will start this edition by congratulating Eve University with their 20th anniversary! Exactly 20 years ago today, Eve University was founded by Morning Maniac and they are still going strong.

Celebrating 20 years of Eve University

Obviously, Eve University is not going to let this anniversary pass by without notice. They are organizing a bunch of in-game activities that are open to all players.

  • 15 March - Sightseeing tour and fireside chat with Chribba. Visit the Eve University Forum for more information.

  • 16 - 17 March - The EVE University 24h Teachathon. A marathon of public classes on a variety of EVE-related topics. All scheduled classes can be found here.

  • 16 March - Pirate Fleet with Rixx Javix. Keep an eye out on the Eve University Forum for more information.

Curious capsuleers

For the curious explorers and roam enthusiasts, we recommend checking out this post on the EVE Online subreddit. Jet-Perches shares his stories from visiting all Low and Null-sec systems in New Eden! During his travels he also made gate perches that are now for sale.

We've also come across some capsuleers experimenting with different ships. First off, we have Merdaneth Uber-Sarum, who after 18 years in EVE Online, is trying out the Rifter for the first time.

If Rifters are not of interest to you, Friendly Targets is showing what a Thrasher Fleet Issue can do in Faction Warfare.

Just About

We'd like to give a shout-out to our partner Just About and give you an update on their bounty program that you can take part in! Capsuleers have been busy creating content, entering more than 950 submisssions so far, earning $5600 all together.

Head over Just About to see what sort of bounties are available!

Creative Corner

While we are on the topic of content creation; let's take a look at this VOD from Lloyd George. He doesn't always paint Khizriels, but when he does, they're Happy. Happy little Khizriels.

If you want to catch this live, Lloyd has scheduled more weekly water coloring sessions on Wednesdays.

NavyBlue's eye for detail also caught our attention. He's been hard at work making a Scorpion model. He posted these parts on X and we can't wait to see the model once completed!

Player Gatherings

First off; photos! Internet spaceship lovers met up in London and fun was had.
Take a look:

Upcoming meets:
If you want to join in on the fun, there are more gatherings coming up this month!

Seattle - On 23 March, the Greater Seattle Meet Up will take place at McMenamins Six Arms, E. Pike St at 5pm. Be sure to join the Discord server for more details.

Leeds - The party continues in Leeds on 30 March. You can find your spacefriends at O'Neils, Boar Lane from 3pm onwards. Again, more details on Discord.

Montréal - On the same day (30 March), you'll also be able to meet up with players in Montréal. Check out this promo from the organizers.

Doors of the Sugar Shack, Rang Montcalm, open at 11am. Make sure to join the Discord server and to get your tickets on Eventbrite.

With that, we conclude this Community Beat. Fly safe and see you next time!