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CSM Candidate Interviews: Part II

2012-03-20 - Svarthol

With just hours left in the CSM elections, this may be the last chance for voters to learn a little about the candidates.

Interstellar Correspondents asked candidates several questions in order to better understand who they are; where do they live? What do they do? What qualifications do they have? Some of the candidates are very serious while others take a lighter view of the universe we live in. Here are their stories:

Issler Dainze

Issler Dainze spends most of her life in lowsec and is “interested in seeing lowsec made relevant.” Her time is spent managing logistical chains for her industrial corp which produces T2 ships. As for her role in New Eden’s community, she claims to have driven the issue of “ambulation” and has served on the CSM twice.

When asked about issues regarding capsuleer governance, she believes that it is “all but guaranteed to be run by the powerblocks that do not represent the majority of New Eden.” As for the CSM’s purpose, she believes that the council does influence the future and the shape which New Eden will take.

Two Step

Two Step lives mostly in wormhole space. His primary activity is combat, however he also engages in “T2 and T3 production in highsec space.” He fashions himself one of the “more communicative CSMs out there.” He believes that this allows him to stay on top of issues and complaints.

When asked about CSM he explains that its role is not to “govern,” but rather to “communicate the community’s complaints” and propose solutions. He feels that the introduction of corporate bookmarks was a direct result of his lobbying.

Elise Randolph

Elise Randolph is most active in low and nullsec space while maintaining empire research and invention operations. She is active primarily in combat situations where she praises Red vs. Blue and gives an emphatic “Go Red!” She partakes in FCing and has been an alternate member of CSM6.

Although she lacks the support of a “bloc vote” she believes the current system to be effective. As for the role of the CSM she feels that it’s work is to “steer the boat in the right direction.”

The Mittani

The Mittani lives in Nullsec space. While logged into his Neocomm he is concerned with managing the capsuleers under his command and engaging in “grand strategy, diplomacy as well as espionage.” He is the current Chairman of CSM6 and leader of both Goonswarm and the Clusterf**k.

He feels that the current CSM system is perfectly fine. Believing this, he knows that the CSM’s impact is “subtle,” though effective as a “lobbying group.”


corebloodbrothers is active in nullsec combat and claims 3,000 kills to his name. He is also involved with logistical work though does his best to maximize his time as an FC and alliance leader. He feels that his candidacy “shows commitment” as a community leader while also spending time in help chats. He quips that while helpful he often feels the urge to “just spam plex for vote scams instead of engaging in meaningful discussions.”

He feels that without the support of a block vote life has been difficult as he has been “ignored by EVE24 and other sites.” Though he knows there is a vast silent majority out there. It is this group of capsuleers with which he hopes to be in touch with.

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