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Drone Region changes in Retribution

2012-11-28 - CCP FoxFour

Pilots of New Eden, changes are coming to the Drone Regions with Retribution. Changes you may want to know about. The changes listed below are designed to bring the Drone Regions in line with the rest of the New Eden cluster.

First up, Officer Spawns:

The Drone Regions have been missing officer spawns (the highest end NPCs, usually carrying high bounties and rare loot) for a long time so with Retribution this winter we are adding them. Exactly where and how often they spawn is up to you guys to figure out. Here are the four new officers you can expect to find:

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Second and along with Officer Spawns comes Officer Modules:

Since we were creating new officers we decided it would be a great time to introduce not just new officers. We also decided it would be a great time to add officer drone modules. You high sec care bears, erm mission runners, now have more ways to spend insane amounts of ISK pimping your ship. I am not going to list exact stats and would like to remind those that go running off to a test server, to find the stats of the following item: Magic Crystal Ball

  • Drone Damage Amplifier
  • Drone Link Augmentor
  • Omnidirectional Tracking Link
  • Drone Navigation Computer
  • Drone Control Unit

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Adding new spawns so we must add hauler spawns:

Along with new officer spawns we have added new hauler spawns to the drone regions. You will find them spread across all of the drone regions and with names matching and drops matching those of hauler spawns from other regions.

Rogue Drone Salvage:

After having done some research we found that the salvage offered by NPCs in the drone regions was below that of what we would expect from NPCs in all other regions. We are therefore buffing the salvage from the NPCs in the drone regions by 2% across the board.

We hope you find these changes enjoyable and worthwhile. If you have any feedback please make your way to the comments section of this post where we will be answering your questions. :)

Oh, also, Rogue Drones now give a sec status gain when you kill them. Just a little something we also added. :D

CCP FoxFour

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