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Ethereal Crossing Coalition Evacuates Etherium Reach

2009-07-14 - Svarthol

Etherium Reach - After four months of constant warfare in and around the Etherium Reach region between the Red Alliance [RED] (and allies) and the "Ethereal Crossing" coalition (Ethereal Dawn [ED] and Intrepid Crossing [IRC]), the Coalition has announced that they will no longer be defending their space. This announcement comes shortly after long time ally and neighbor, Legion of XXDeathXX [X.I.X.] reset standing and joined the forces attacking [ED] and [IRC].

According to Ralian Gelain of Best Path Inc. [BPINC], leader of the Ethereal Dawn alliance, this "most difficult decision" came after "we started seeing more and more numbers come out and turn on us" adding that "the combination of all the hostilities just started to seem futile, we could continue to hold on and be stubborn, but to what end?"

The current hostilities were sparked over an alleged friendly fire incident between [IRC] and LUCKY LEAGUE pilots, which in turn, according to Ralian, caused [RED] to "hot drop carriers on top of an ED/IRC gate camp" and to "drop five towers in a system where IRC had sovereignty in." The response to this attack on "IRC space", Ralian adds, was to "take the fleet and go siege C-J6MT ([RED]'s home system)"; a move which prompted a response not only from [RED], but all of its friends and allies, who began to descend on the so-called "drone regions". The injection of new forces (reported estimates range anywhere from nine to fifteen alliances) turned the offensive by [ED] and [IRC] into a defensive war of attrition.

A temporary assist by SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR], the arrival of Atlas Alliance [ATLAS], and an abortive coup within Red Alliance itself that forced [RED] to return home to defend against sovereignty losses gave [ED] and [IRC] some breathing room, but not enough to stave off the inevitable evacuation of Etherium Reach.

As to whether or not the Ethereal Crossing Coalition will ever return to Etherium Reach, Ralian states, "we made the drone regions our home, the region was named after us, we have a certain partiality towards it... we will definitely be around to visit."

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