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First Strike February Leaderboards

2024-03-01 - EVE Vanguard Team

Attention Vanguard, 

The First Strike February playtest has concluded, and legions of Vanguard have done their part to spread chaos on the battlefield. The continued support and participation of Vanguard Founders in these events is vital to the continued development of the game, and we want to thank all warclones for their service. 


The Deathless puts a premium on valor and has paid particular attention to the activities and achievements of warclones who went boots-on-the-ground for this playtest. All participants were eligible for special rewards, provided they finished certain tasks, such as scoring 50 kills or collecting 2,000 units of biomass as a part of a squad. Don’t forget to warp to New Eden to collect your prize if you have reached those thresholds. 

The leaderboards for First Strike February have been finalized, and the top players are receiving a wealth of PLEX for their actions—our congratulations to the winners. 


The February playtest was a blast, and it’s only going to get more exciting, so make sure you are prepared to join us in the upcoming First Strike event, from 21-25 March, in which you'll get the opportunity to try a brand new mining prototype. In addition, you will get to decide if you want to continue adding to corruption, or suppress the pirate activity spreading across the cluster. Until then, we will see you New Eden.


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