First Strike Post-Deployment Report | EVE Online

First Strike Post-Deployment Report

2024-02-02 - EVE Vanguard Team

Greetings Vanguard, 

Recently, legions of warclones took to the battlefield to aid in the corruption of New Eden, lending their hand in the collaborative development of EVE Vanguard. This was the second First Strike playtest, and it was action-packed and explosive.  

The Deathless puts a premium on the valor of warclones, and has kept meticulous records on Vanguard actions and achievements on the battlefield. Here are some highlights from the most recent deployment: 


The continued participation and feedback of the community in these playtests are supremely helpful in the development of EVE Vanguard. We hope to see legions of new and returning warclones in the next one, which will be in February, as announced in the Vanguard roadmap, taking place from 22 to 26 February. The event will be open to all Omega players, as in previous playtests, and there will be impressive rewards up for grabs. 

We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.