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Guristas pirate ships spotted circling Crielere station

2004-02-04 - Svarthol

Following the retreat of Caldari and Gallente forces from the Crielere system, security in the system is at an all time low. A distress call was received from the skeleton crew still at the station, claiming that Guristas pirate ships were circling the compound. The scientists at Crielere fear that pirate forces may choose to storm the facilities, as they are left defenseless in the eye of the political storm that has spun from the research lab.

Neither Caldari nor Gallente military officials agreed to comment on whether they would come to the aid of top scientists Henric Touvolle and Taromi Umailen. Military ships could be spotted leaving the system, silently ignoring the distress calls of this former jewel of cross-racial scientific achievement. Several passers-by engaged the Guristas ships and seemed to be successful in eliminating most of the threat for now, but more pirate ships are expected.

The scientific community in both Caldari space and Gallente space is thought to be preparing requests for official military intervention and the safe return of the scientists to their home. If their respective militaries would agree to such a plan, it is still unknown whether Touvolle and Umailen would agree to leave their beloved research lab, as it is certain it would come to complete ruin once totally unmanned.