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Hyasyoda Corporation Announces Aid for Ishukone

2008-05-17 - Svarthol

Suroken – Hyasyoda Corporation CEO Ahtonen Osmon has announced a crash program of aid to assist the overstretched Ishukone Corporation, following the disaster in Malkalen. Hyasyoda, a long-time partner of Ishukone in the so-called 'Liberal Faction', will provide emergency enabling loans to Ishukone Corporation and direct relief aid to Malkalen system.

"The Hyasyoda Corporation will not stand by and see a great megacorporation of the Caldari State fall to an act of treachery and unprovoked aggression. We are therefore making funds available at preferential rates so that the Ishukone executives who survive can continue to run their organisation and oversee the relief efforts. We are also sending relief ships to the Malkalen system to directly assist the efforts at the Ishukone Headquarters," said Ahtonen Osmon.

Osmon went on to emphasise that Hyasyoda would work with any megacorporation in defence of the Caldari State, "It is true that we of Hyasyoda have our particular view of business and the best means by which the Caldari people can better themselves. In this the Ishukone are our friends but all Caldari are our concern. We are clear that the Caldari State, the corporations and the people must be unified in defence against those who have so often sought to destroy our way of life. If there are any in the Gallente Federation who believe we will not fight as hard and as ruthlessly as our great forebears, then I say that they are gravely mistaken."

"In closing, while it has often been said that we in Hyasyoda are too cautious, we maintain that, as the old saying goes, 'Only the paranoid survive.'"