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Imperial Cross located – Hamish trading it for Mamet 500

2005-03-23 - Svarthol

Hamish, CEO of the Tribal Trust of Pator and High Council memberof the Ushra’Khan, was revealed to have commission the theft of Golan Trevize’s prized award.

In an open communications channel on GalNet, he confessed to have the Cross stolen:

"I have your medal in my possession. I am the one who commissioned its theft, although I did not carry it out personally. Since you so kindly provided a log of how you dealt with the hoaxer Budy, I know exactly how to deal with you now.

The medal remains in the possession of my allies, and any attempts on my life will be met with its destruction. Your only hope of retrieving your trinket is to meet me and negotiate for it - in exchange for its return; I demand the release of the Mamet 500 into my custody. If you wish, you may send an agent to meet me in private and verify through trade-window that I do indeed have it, so that there is no doubt in your mind as to what we're playing for here. I await your reply."

Archbishop of PIE Inc. responded mere hours after the revelation. I wasn’t able to speak with him directly, however. PIE Inc. member Myadra was able to confirm that Hamish has the Cross in his possession.

Hardin, External Affairs Officer of PIE Inc., had the following to say:

"I should have known a Minmatar terrorist would be behind this theft. Only a Minmatar could concieve of so low an act.

My personal view is that we should not negotiate with terrorists.

Yet I also know that the medal is infinitely more valuable than 500 slaves (no matter how house trained).

The loss of this 1,500 year old medal would in itself be a tragedy but the fact that it is awarded so rarely, and by the Emperor himself, gives it a symbolic value higher than any non-Amarr could understand.

Hamish, we will talk to you out of the necessity to regain the Cross but know it shall be through gritted teeth. You have earned our everlasting enmity Minmatar!"

Although I understand Hardin’s response, it is hard to come to terms with the CVA’s willingness to deal with what they consider terrorists. Opinions seem to be divided on the subject, even within the CVA itself. Then again, a mere five hundred slaves traded for the medal will benefit both parties. The slaves will be freed by the Ushra’Khan, and Admiral Trevize regains his priceless medal.