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Incursion Dungeon Mass Test!

2010-10-06 - CCP Manticore

Hey everyone!  It's time to do that age old task of testing your metal against our fire. We will be pushing the Incursion dungeons out this week. Once we do, we will need a few good pilots to do their worst!

The Incursion test will occur on Singularity and will start Thursday October 7 @ 14:00 UTC

Devs will be coming in periodically to assist with organization, observation, and to gather direct feedback.

So, how will the dungeons be set up, you ask? I have your answer!

There will be three systems that will have the dungeons set on their distributions:

  • System: (Poitot) Each dungeon is made for 5 - 10 pilots
  • System: (F67E-Q) Each dungeon is made for 10 - 20 pilots
  • System: (MHC-R3) Each dungeon is made for 20 - 40 pilots

It is very important that you stick with these numbers when you do your testing. This will help us be more precise with our balancing work.

You will need to scan the dungeons down. Once you find one and go to it, it will pop up on the overview for everyone to see. There should be plenty of beacons for everyone!

When you complete a dungeon, send an EVE-MAIL to the character with the system name that coordinates with it:

  • CharacterName:  Watcher(Poitot) 
  • CharacterName:  Watcher(F67E-Q)
  • CharacterName:  Watcher(MHC-R3)

In order for your information to be valid and for us to actually read the feedback you give, please follow the below format. Failure to do so will mean there is a good chance we will not read what you give us.

Subject: ("Dungeon Name") ("Number of People to complete") ("Hard/Moderate/Easy")

Example: (Age of Doom) (7) (Moderate)

Your overall rating for this site ( 1 - crap, 10 - totally awesome)?:

How long did it take?:

What reward do you think would be fair for this level of difficulty?:

What did you find good about this dungeon?:

What did you find bad about this dungeon?:

Do you feel your group was coordinated?:

How do you feel about the NPC behavior?:

What ships did you have in your fleet?:

Were you using PvE or PvP fit ships to attempt/complete this dungeon?:

General Feedback (keep it short and sweet):

Information on how to log into Singularity can be found on this EVElopedia page.

Thank you for helping us test Incursion. We look forward to reading your feedback!