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Infighting Threatens Militia Stability

2008-06-19 - Svarthol

It has been less than two weeks since the formation of the Federal Defence Union militia and infighting between corporations has already begun. An incident earlier in the week has led to Phoenix Tribe declaring war on Pillowsoft; they are now actively pursuing and attacking their fellow militia members.

During a fleet operation headed by Elijah Ghost, a member of Phoenix Tribe and a member of Pillowsoft accused each other of looting wrecks at a combat site; the argument turned ugly when the two antagonists began shooting each other. The fight that ensued resulted in the Phoenix Tribe pilot losing his ship, and demanding recompense for his loss. When his demands were not met, Phoenix Tribe initiated a war declaration on Pillowsoft.

The effect of this war declaration is already causing hardships in the militia; separate fleets need to be formed to keep the corporations apart during operations, and fleet members find it difficult to concentrate on fighting the Caldari when they have to worry about fellow militia members attacking them. During the assembly of a large fleet in Villore, Fleet Commander Elijah Ghost (a member of Pillowsoft) was ambushed and killed. This single action delayed the deployment of the fleet for quite some time until Elijah was able to return.

When asked if he was concerned about the trouble the war declaration was bringing the militia, the Phoenix Tribe member responded: “Not really.”

Unless we stop this infighting, the Caldari will wipe us away as we fragment. We must work together to destroy the State!