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ISD:STAR player support

2004-03-16 - CCP Hellmar

As some of you might now, EVE has a good deal of excellent volunteers that help us with a myriad of things like:

  • Board Moderation (ISD:CRC)
  • Bug hunting (ISD:BH)
  • Events (ISD:AURORA)
  • Player Support (ISD:STAR)

Eve would not be what it is today without the selfless efforts of our volunteers.


Now, throughout the development of Eve we have been very busy at times and not able to give our volunteers the tools and attention they so truly deserve. We have been ramping up efforts with that both with bringing some of them over to the CCP HQ to help with volunteer tools (some have even graduated to directly help with the development of Eve onsite here at CCP) and general awareness here at CCP about our volunteer programs.

The program that has been most sorely lacking in tools has been our excellent player support team (ISD:STAR), we are now in a taskforce of fixing that and are hoping to recruit some of the people that have left that group and of course some new ones. The main motivation for this is of course the onslaught of new players we are getting now after our Marketing department has started to flex their muscle. We have the goal of topping 10k simultaneous players before EVE Online turns 1 year old :).

To help with orienting new players with Eve at this time we quite dependent on ISD:STAR as no-one explains the game as friendly veteran players. So If you are a person that might be interested in joining their forces you can read more about ISD in our FAQ or even head to the Interstellar Services Department section of EVE Insider and apply for participation. If you have already applied but haven't gotten a reply, you can resend your application and we'll get an email to that effect, and such application will get higher priority. If you are an old POLARIS member you can also resend you application to join ISD