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Ishukone denies responsibility in slave uprising. Microcontrollers on the rise.

2005-06-11 - Svarthol

Ishukone Corporation held a brief press conference this morning on their Malkalen HQ where the following press release was issued; no questions by the press were allowed.

On the rumours about the Insorzapine bisulfate:

"As Special Counsel Tar Maurisi’s investigation clearly shows, Insorzapine bisulfate in the form that Zainou Biotech developed it does not serve as a Vitoc antidote."

"Whatever additional knowledge and information outlaw citizen Ullia Hnolku possessed and carried with him when his ship was destroyed by Caldari patriots in the Magiko system; whatever knowledge outlaw citizen Eckarine Mitumi-Hnolku posses and may or may not have given under coercion to the Blood Raider Covenant; whatever further research said Covenant may have carried out on the substance is not in Zainou’s possession."

"Furthermore, we would like to point out that even if the prototype stolen by outlaw citizens Hnolku and Mitumi-Hnolku could be turned into a Vitoc antidote, such an antidote would not by itself cause mass coordinated riots in a matter of minutes after being disseminated on the atmosphere. This somewhat suggests the presence of something more than a simple antidote."

"In any event, neither Zainou Biotech nor Ishukone Corporation consider themselves in any way accountable for what uses a pirate organization gives to a substance they have developed with whatever help they tortured away from an outlaw Caldari citizen."

On the rumours about expected increased prices for transcranial microcontrollers:

"Roughly a year ago the Khanid Kingdom decided to cancel their purchase of our product. It was explained to us that the price of the chips was now so high that it “counteracted the benefits the chips provided in economical terms for controlling human labour since they had better options."

"This was of course both an intelligent decision from their part and their right in the free market economy we enjoy, since any smart customer should always choose the most cost-effective solution… At that time, an agreement between both parts to cancel future purchases was reached."

"If the current situation somehow makes our product to be again the most cost-effective solution to our client’s problem, then it will be in the benefit of all parts involved to continue with said contract, with the price that actual market forces dictate. Ishukone does not decide what products are needed, or the price of those products: the market does."