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New Alliance Forms in Southern Regions - IAC Engages Roaming Gang

2008-07-03 - Svarthol

A new alliance has recently formed in the southern reaches of the cluster. Members formerly of Triumvirate., Mercenary Coalition and Insurgency. came together in response to an idea put forth by Darknesss, CEO of D00M. corporation, forming The Requiem.

INZi, CEO of one of the nine founding organizations, coracao ardente [CORA.] explained how they came together:

"All the old Triumvirate. CEOs [have been] in a channel since Tri ended, and Darknesss was talking about creating a new alliance. We were interested and so I started to talk to Dark and the other corps involved and we became a founding member.

"Four Triumvirate. corps ([D00M.], [OMEN.], [CORA.], [R A]) three ex-Insurgency. corps ([CELES], [GAME], [NICE1]) and [BDCI] from Mercenary Coalition... The Triumvirate. corps had been in contact with a few Mercenary Coalition corporations earlier about another project and then Seleene wanted in on this one. The Insurgency corporations had approached/been approached by Darknesss about forming a new alliance, as he knew them from Tri's campaign in Branch.

"None of the previous alliance leaders fancied stepping up to a supreme leadership position so [our command structure] is more of a council at the moment, involving all the CEOs. I'm sure it will evolve over time as people get involved more."

Currently listed as having 256 members, the alliance may seem small compared to some in neighbouring regions, but the alliance has drawn attention for two main reasons: power in the supercapital arena, with at least three known titans and a considerable number of motherships, and the combat experience residing in its member corporations.

"Most people will know we have currently three Titans that have been used in combat, one from each respective alliance (BDCI's, OMEN's and Game's). Motherships, I have no idea about, to be honest. Real capital power is in Dreadnought and Titan numbers these days anyway, so to see those full numbers we'll have to wait till our first operation to know.

"We're currently based in Curse, setting up and melding as an alliance. We have a lot of different styles and procedures from our previous alliances, so we need to work together to iron out the problems that may arise. We won't be sitting still for long and only the future will tell you who our target(s) and success with that will be.

"We're roaming across most of the southern areas. The two entities who we've had "medium" size engagements with are TCF [Tau Ceti Federation] and IAC [Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate]. TCF attempted to bait some of our super capitals yesterday and ended up hotdropping about 25 caps and jump bridging in 15 Heavy Interdictors onto 20 assorted support. We've had a few nano and battleship fights with them as well.

 "IAC have been bringing out a lot of numbers when we've been roaming into their space and we have had a lot of fun engaging them."

The Battle of F4R2-Q

The Requiem have had multiple engagements with IAC in Catch, including one on the 27th lasting over 4 hours and causing losses estimated at over 1 billion isk to either side.

Yrigoyen of IAC was present for a large part of the engagement, and described it thus: "The first recorded engangement with the Requiem hostile fleet was at 03:14 followed by small engagements in various systems in the JZV cluster until 05:45. By this time the IAC fleet was comparable in size to the Requiem fleet with more battleships and carrier support against Requiem's fast Tech 2 fleet.

"The fight moved from the F4R2-Q station to various spots around the station... as both fleets warped around attempting to engage or disengage. The fast-moving nature of the battle saw heavy IAC ships isolated at some moments while at other times Requiem ships were caught in optimal range of the defenders and killed with concentrated fire.

"The last major loss for IAC was a Cyclone at 06:28 after which Requiem lost a Claymore, Vagabond and Ishtar. Last casualty was a Requiem trailing scout in a Cheetah on the 1P- gate. Due to losses or pilots leaving the F4R2-Q system we faced a significantly smaller force in the last phase of the engagement."

Yrigoyen, however, claims this is all in a day's work for IAC, despite some of the more notorious names among their enemies.

"Requiem is one of the many alliances hostile to us to have taken residence up in Curse, there is nothing new here for IAC."

He was keen, however, to see one member of his corporation recognised for exemplary service:

"Please mention the excellent salvaging efforts of my fellow corporation member, Apple Boy, that allowed a lot of losses to be replaced."

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