New corporation races into the limelight | EVE Online

New corporation races into the limelight

2005-05-27 - Svarthol

Electron FluxX and Imiarr Timshae, co-founders of a new corporation calling itself "Eve Race", are two names which could easily become common utterances in the coming months. As the name suggests, Eve Race is dedicated to bringing regular racing events to the capsuleer population.

Since the project has only recently been set up, things are still very much in the planning stages. However, Mr. FluxX did grant me some minor details.

The races will be divided into three different tiers; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. All standard races will be limited to frigates, and interceptors are disallowed in all but the Advanced class. There are also plans to run special races less frequently, such as race-specific or "sans-microwarpdrive" events, for example.

Also, Mr. FluxX states that the races will remain in safer systems for the time being, though as more manpower and funds are made available this may change.

The number of competitors will be limited to around 5-10 per race, and the first races will be starting within a week. So if you fancy yourself a speed demon, or if you're just looking for a new challenge, then be sure to contact Electron FluxX or Imiarr Timshae as soon as possible. For more details about this venture, please read the announcement here