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Player Presenters at Fanfest 2023

2023-05-26 - EVE Online Team

Conversational capsuleers,   

With Fanfest only a few months away and the 20th anniversary celebrations still ongoing, we’re excited to bring you the lineup of player presenters for EVE Fanfest 2023! 

Over the past two decades, the actions, stories, and knowledge of players have shaped EVE Online into a truly special world with a community unlike any other – and when the cyno for Fanfest is lit in Reykjavik this September, a record 9 players will be bringing their passions and expertise forged across 20 years of EVE onstage to present to capsuleers both in person and onstream around the world. 

Without further ado, here are your player presenters for EVE Fanfest 2023: 

The Oz 

Often found sharing his wealth of knowledge on his Twitch and Youtube channels, The Oz is one of New Eden’s most prolific traders. Join him for a masterclass in the EVE markets with new and existing tools.

Activor Faust 

A capsuleer since the day of EVE’s launch in May 2003 and a line member in some of New Eden’s most historically impactful corporations, Activor Faust will take the stage to recount his personal journey in the world of EVE and reflect on how the game has evolved since launch – sharing 20 years of exciting stories and invaluable experience with his fellow capsuleers! 

Zkadon Estemaire 

In his work as a biologist, EVE Uni’s Zkadon Estemaire studies predator-prey dynamics using mathematical modeling and game theory, modeling the evolution of behaviors to predict their influences – and in New Eden’s capsuleers, for whom killing is just another means of communication, these same dynamics are constantly in play. Join Zkadon for a presentation on his field and on the relevance of game theory and mathematical modeling in the EVE Universe! 

Max Singularity 

Known across New Eden as the “Space Pope”, Max Singularity is a firm and outspoken advocate for the importance of community in EVE, where meaningful bonds and friendships between capsuleers form the soul of the game and regularly extend into the real world. Onstage in September, the Space Pope will explore how these lasting connections form as well as how capsuleers are managing to stay connected while socially distancing. 


From excel to logistics pipelines, data analysis, leadership, team building, software engineering, and much more, many capsuleers have been able to translate skills and practice gained through activities in EVE to their real-life careers. Join former CSM member, in-game CEO, and veteran Fanfest presenter Exooki for a presentation on how playing EVE Online can help you get ahead in your work life! 

Eden Trade

While running an investment scheme may not be uncommon in New Eden, Eden Trade’s 15,000+ market orders and trillions of ISK invested (and paid back) sets his operation apart from the rest. Gain valuable insights and hear the story of how this trader became a tycoon in this informative presentation! 

Alia Collins 

With an in-game career built on avoiding gatecamps and transporting goods to all corners of the EVE universe, Alia Collins is an expert on all things hauling. Buckle up for the Space Trucker’s Guide to New Eden and learn the ins-and-outs and ups-and-downs of New Eden’s most essential profession! 

Aethel Inkura 

Having gone from being a completely new pilot in 2020 to flying as a finalist in ATXVIII as a member of the Odin’s Call team, Aethel Inkura will be your guide to the ins and outs of what makes a good tournament team as well as how these elements can improve your nano game on TQ! 

Keacte, Sin Alarma, and Kshal Aideron 

Join long-time NPSI advocate Keacte, Alliance Leader and meetup coordinator Sin Alarma, and rookie PVE fleet organizer Kshal Aideron for a group presentation on the importance of communities in EVE and how to grow them! 

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted an application to present this year (which saw a record total as well!).  

We can’t wait to celebrate EVE’s 20th anniversary in person with you all at Fanfest – see you in space!