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Resources Realigned

2022-12-07 - EVE Online Dev Team

Prospecting capsuleers,

Two recent exploratory and regulatory developments between the factions and corporations of New Eden are set to disrupt the cluster’s industrial landscape next week:

Read the full report from New Eden News to get the complete picture and story behind these events in the living universe of EVE!


Surveys conducted by four Upwell signatory corporations have revealed fields of novel mineral-rich asteroids in close proximity to type A0 blue stars across New Eden. Each of these new asteroid types will be named for the corporations involved in their discovery, and contain high concentrations of specific minerals:

Ducinium - contains deposits of Megacyte
Eifyrium - contains deposits of Zydrine
Mordunium - contains deposits of Pyerite
Ytirium - contains deposits of Isogen


Concern by the Empires regarding the over-extraction of moon ore has led to a compromise between CONCORD, the Upwell Consortium, and ORE which will see maximum moon mining yield reduced by 25% – striking a balance between necessary conservation and last year’s doubling of extraction yields.

The Upwell Consortium's rollout of requisite firmware updates is set to take place next week, concurrent with the public release of the coordinates for the newly discovered near-solar asteroid fields.

As part of resource distribution plan, we intend for this to ease some bottlenecks in T1 industry, specifically as it pertains to capital manufacturing which is ramping up, while ensuring that T2 resource harvesting & industry remains profitable.

Prepare for a realignment of resources, capsuleers – we'll see you in space!