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Secret meeting with Jove delegates in FDZ4-A

2003-08-08 - Svarthol

Only a few hours ago representatives from two corporations met with a heavily armed Jovian delegation in the FDZ4-A system. The identity of the two representatives remains hidden, as is the purpose for the meeting. It is speculated that some kind of a trade took place, the nature of which is unknown, though speculations are ripe. To uphold the secrecy of the meeting the Jovians were unwilling to do business until the surrounding area had been cleared of all but those participating in the discussion. It quickly became obvious that the Jovians were very serious about this, as they fired upon ships that came too close. In one incident, a brave Amarr captain defied the Jovians only to be annihilated by the Jovians. The Amarr Empire has released a statement where it laments the attack, but will not act upon it, though it will monitor all future dealings between Jovians and Amarrians very closely. It is believed that CONCORD representatives were also present, but whether a statement is to be expected from them remains to be seen.