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Succession debate rages on.

2007-04-03 - Svarthol

At the most recent sitting of the Privy council, Pomikide Haromi, steward of House Sarum, voiced his house's express views on the recent succession debate.

“House Sarum feels that the past open doors policy of ascension was patently ridiculous. We cannot and should not allow anyone but true Amarrians to decide the future of our glorious empire. It's no wonder that the last two chosen Emperors were such weaklings?

It is time for Amarrians to stand for Amarr, stop kowtowing to these heathen Empires and reclaim our glorious past. It is time to choose a new Emperor!”

When asked whether House Sarum would be naming its successor to Jamyl, the steward reminded all present that “House Sarum's business is just that, but you can be assured that all will happen as it should”

Upon hearing the steward's comments, Ariticio Kor-Azor, Heir of house Kor-Azor, took the opportunity to present his own views upon the subject:

“Oh, please. It is obvious to even the dumbest heathen who the next Emperor should be. The blathering of the other houses only postpones my own inevitable ascension. As for the Chamberlain, I am amazed he has even survived this long.

Concerning the Championships, I move that we abolish representation and have individual combat. Who would dare stand against me?!“

Across the Empire, the debate continues.