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The Federation makes a formal request for compensations

2003-11-12 - Svarthol

The Gallente Federation has issued a request to the Caldari State demanding indemnities for the selling of contaminated food products within Federal space. After inspecting the claims for that past several days, the Senate Committee pushed for the request to be made. It is the conclusion of the committee that Sukuuvestaa Corporation, the manufacturer of the tainted Protein Delicacies, was aware of their product’s defective nature, but had willfully decided to sell it to the Federation nonetheless. The Federation is demanding both monetary reparations, as well as hi-tech equipment, such as cyber implants, to aid those unfortunates that have succumbed to the brain diminishing side effects of Protein Delicacies. The Senate committee believes it has a strong enough case to go full force against the Caldari within CONCORD and pursue this matter to the end. The Caldari have not yet responded to the demands made by the Federation, but it is believed they will wait for the Chief Executive Panel to pass a verdict, which should happen any day now.