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Well Fit and Well Loaded...

2012-07-31 - CCP Punkturis


I just wanted to write a short dev blog on the changes Team Super Friends (your best friends) have made to saved fittings. Mostly because it's my first day back after a really long summer vacation (and this day mostly gets wasted with reading e-mails, syncing branches, watching the Olympics and other stuff, but also because I thought you guys should know).

We've had some requests from CSM6 and CSM7 to make things nicer for those who have the great job in corporations/alliances to mass-fit ships. The changes we're making should benefit those people in particular but also everybody else.

The biggest annoyance appeared to be that rigs in saved fittings aren't fit. To solve that in such a way people don't accidentally fit expensive rigs they didn't want to fit we've added a question asking if you really want to do that. That question is suppressible so if you're confident you'll never make a boo-boo, you can just check that box and never see the question again.

We also decided that if there are already rigs fit on the ship, no rigs will be added or destroyed (you'll get a notification saying why your rigs weren't fit).

Giving newbies ships with ammo in their cargos can help everybody. The ship fitting person will be quicker while newbies can see how much ammo they should bring when doing something in their new ship. So we made it so charges in cargo get saved in the fitting, and fit when fitting from said saved fitting. This works for both cap boosters and all kinds of ammo.

There have been some requests on saving Liquid Ozone in cargo too, I'll see if I can do something about it – no promises.

If you had a saved fitting with some module or rig you don't have skills to fit, it would just fail silently and not fit anything. We fixed that, so now everything you have skills to fit, gets fit.

Oh! Here's a picture:

Hope these changes will make your lives in New Eden easier, party on!