Fanfest 2017 - Day 3: Live broadcast from 10:30 to 19:00 UTC

The amazing Fanfest 2017 from April 6 to 8 is in full swing. Follow the excitement and watch the live broadcast!

The live stream of the third and last day starts at 10:30 and ends around 19:00 (all times are in UTC / EVE time). Highlights today are the New Player Experience, EVE: Valkyrie Roadmap and the Closing Ceremony. There will be, of course, also quality time with the devs, more presentations and exciting insights. This is the schedule for April 8:

10:30 - Stream starts
11:00 - New Player Experience
12:00 - EVE Art 2016 Recap
13:00 - EVE: Valkyrie - Roadmap
14:00 - Live Concept Art
14:45 - Dev & Player AMA
15:30 - The Dirty Secrets of Trillionaires
16:15 - Dev & Player AMA
16:45 - EVE_NT: Events and EVEsports
18:00 - Closing Ceremony

Share your Fanfest experience using #evefanfest and enjoy the show.The stream comes also with contests and giveaways where you can win PLEX, SKINs and a whole host of other goodies.

Tune in and have fun!