EVE Radio Dueling Tournament to be held Friday, Feb 22 at 22:00 UTC

With the Retribution 1.1 patch being introduced on February 19, the awesome new Dueling mechanic will be introduced, allowing players to challenge each other to honorable 1 vs 1 fights! In celebration of this mechanic, EVE Radio is hosting a unique tournament on Friday, February 22, beginning at 22:00 UTC. The tournament will be streamed live from the EVE Radio website. They will be joined by one of the architects behind the dueling system, CCP Masterplan, who will be chatting about Crimewatch, FanFest, and many other topics. In addition to the ISK prizes offered by EVE Radio, CCP will be throwing in 25 PLEX as prizes as well!

For further details and discussion of the tournament, see this thread on the In-game Events and Gatherings forum.