Alliance Tournament XII - Summary of the second weekend | EVE Online

Alliance Tournament XII - Summary of the second weekend

2014-08-25 - Von CCP Phantom

The 12th iteration of the annual Alliance Tournament continued during the second weekend (broadcasted and commentated live on August 23rd and 24th) with exciting matches, fierce fighting, surprising upsets and teams against the wall facing extermination the tournament.

The Alliance Tournament is a double elimination tournament, which means that you can afford to lose one match and still continue the tournament. The loser of a match is kicked down to the losers’ bracket of the tournament; in this bracket it is all-or-nothing: either you win or you are out of the tournament. Once you are in the loser bracket you stay there until you make it hopefully to the finals

This second weekend kicked off with high dps matches and a firework of action. We saw electronic warfare races, battleships with few points of structure skillfully using the jump beacons available in the arena to get out of the fray just split seconds before the ship hull would have exploded, boundary violations leading to the immediate destruction of the offending ships, and incredible matches swinging back and forth.

We also saw slower, more tactical matches which gave the commentators more time to explain the tactics applied and to give background information on decisions and what was going on.

We saw flawless victories and matches hanging by a sliver of structure (6 points of structure hitpoints left on a Hyena in this match – an average battleship can have tens of thousands hitpoints in comparison). We saw great player advertisement videos and spectacular live broadcasts from in-game systems during the beak in between the matches.

Check out the recorded and fully commented matches on YouTube (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)! You can also watch the battle playbacks on the excellent player operated EVE Online Fansite

If you have missed this first or the second weekend, don’t despair! The Alliance Tournament continues during the next two weekends until September 7th better than ever before with a full studio setup and interesting interviews, analysis and presentations between the matches. The next broadcast is scheduled for August 30th at 15:00 UTC. The tournament brackets can be found here.