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Capsuleer conflict rages in Mito Constellation

2006-10-13 - Von Svarthol

LONETREK. The Mito constellation, home to the Caldari State loyalist capsuleer alliance the Kimotoro Directive, is fast becoming a hotbed of violence and intrigue as numerous organizations become drawn into a conflict over territory and ideology. Despite some initial defeats the Directive is showing little sign of backing down, suggesting that Mito may be a war zone for quite some time.

Now the target of two war declarations, the Kimotoro Directive has stated that both wars were expected for a long time and that they will outlast their aggressors. From the first moments The Black Rabbits Corporation appeared in Mito, the Directive began engaging their forces. As a self-proclaimed "brotherhood" of criminals, anti-State radicals and Guristas Pirates sympathisers, the Rabbits were seen as an immediate threat. "We began engaging them within a day of their showing up in Mito…the war was an obvious escalation," commented Nikolai Nuvolari, speaking on behalf of the Directive. The Star Fraction was the second organization to declare war upon the Directive, having also raised alarms when they were seen moving combat vessels and supplies into Mito.

The reasoning behind The Black Rabbits’ war declaration, which has now triggered five other wars, represents a mix of desires. Primarily they seek to have their activities in Mito left largely undisturbed; however they also aim to prove assertions of protectionism made by the Directive to be false. "They claim to be paramilitary knights securing the low-security areas of the State border," explained Naphtalia, CEO of the Rabbits, "they are incapable of doing this."

Since the outbreak of war between the two organizations, other corporations have come to align themselves with either side. Pro-State factions such as APEX Unlimited and Omerta Syndicate have joined in the war against the Rabbits, declaring CONCORD-Sanctioned hostilities. Vendrin, CEO of APEX Unlimited spoke about his corporation’s involvement: "Whatever issues APEX has with certain members of the Kimotoro Directive, we are still loyal to the State…we felt that we had to respond with declarations of war." CEO of Omerta Syndicate, Yuki Li echoed his sentiments.

The most notable of the third party organisations joining the Mito conflict has been the pro free space radicals, The Star Fraction, who have since declared their support for the Rabbits in the war against the Directive. Their presence in Empire space after long years crusading on the lawless frontiers represents what CEO Jade Constantine referred to as, "a return to the source."

Elaborating on the rationale behind Star Fraction involvement, Ms Constantine stated: "The flashpoint is in the State…the old empires are using the capsuleer caste as a medium to transmit their contagion…the weak point in that strategy is the capsuleer caste militias in high security space." Whilst the Star Fraction shares similar aims as the Rabbits in terms of seeking to "liberate" the Mito capsuleer locals by showing them that no claims of protection can ever be reliably fulfilled – they also see their struggle as one to silence the pro-status quo voices of the Directive.

Kimotoro Directive members have been quick to label the Star Fraction as nothing more than pirate sympathisers and anarchists seeking to impose their radical vision on unwilling State citizens. Arguments between the involved organizations have flared up into an all out public relations war spanning multiple communications on the Galnet and other communications networks, with each side claiming the moral or ideological high ground.

Despite the influx of corporations joining the fighting and a total of seven active wars against the Rabbits, they remain resolute against the Kimotoro Directive and there is little hope for a quick end to the conflict.