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CBD Corporation Under Pressure to Organize Legal Mine Rescue Operation

2010-01-01 - Von Svarthol

Annaro - CBD Corporation is under pressure to organize a legal rescue of trapped miners in the Annaro system. Numerous mining and surveying organizations have sent experts to analyze the situation, with only Amarr mining corporation Ducia Foundry offering a rescue team. However, this team is being refused access to the system because of its use of slaves.

Steen Greimala, director of the Ducia Foundry team, commented, "I would like to attempt this rescue because I see it as an opportunity for my team to use their skills to aid our Caldari friends. Our slaves, who we call the 'surface team,' are vital to our work and could not be replaced by simple volunteers "

Garr Diymir of the Annaro police said, "We've been in contact with the Ducia Foundry team leaders, but unfortunately they are not going to be able to help without violating Caldari law. Even if we make an exception, the asteroid is unstable and I'm told their rescue efforts could cause a further collapse and the death of both the miners and the rescuers."

Caldari law expert Dimm Margo explained, "Making an exception to the law in this case could set a dangerous precedent that would make it acceptable to break the law whenever we feel Caldari lives are in danger."

The miners remain in communication with the surface and have reported that three more workers have died in the last 24 hours from injuries sustained during the accident. The total number of stranded workers is now believed to be 176, with estimated air supplies at four days.