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Changes Coming To The New Eden Store With The March Release

2018-02-28 - Von The New Eden Store Team

Greetings Capsuleers,

Starting this March, we will be making a few changes to the New Eden Store, aimed at providing players with a better experience. These changes include retiring older content to clean up the store, new SKIN lifecycles and more opportunities for SKIN discounts.

Retiring Older Content

Currently we have a situation where SKINs & Apparel remain in the store for years, become dated and eventually clutter things up, to the point where we have almost 800 cosmetic items in store today.

In order to keep the store fresh & easier to navigate, we will be retiring a large portion of our current SKIN & Apparel items in the coming weeks. We will be doing this through a series of weekly retirement sales, starting in March and running through until June, where retiring items will be sold at discounted prices before being removed from the store. So be sure to check the store each week during this time to grab a bargain on your favorite item before they retire.

SKIN Lifecycles & Discounts

While we will continue focusing our efforts to deliver more high quality and unique SKINs in store. To keep things fresh, we will be limiting the amout of time that SKINs spend in the New Eden Store to 3 months, at which point they will be retired. This change will allow us to ensure that the store maintains the right amount of easy to navigate content, while also providing players with discounted prices much sooner than before with a retirement sale each time a SKIN is retired.

Will Retired SKINs Ever Return to the Store?

While most SKINs will be gone for good once they have been retired, we will look for opportunities to bring back popular and thematic SKINs for limited sales in future.

So that’s everything for now, and we hope these changes will improve your store experience. We want to thank you for making it this far through the blog by offering a small reveal: To celebrate 15 years of EVE Online, we have some special sale events planned, so stay tuned for further updates and thanks to each of you for 15 great years!

If you'd like to discuss this dev blog, you can do so over on the EVE Online forums in the comments thread.

Fly safe & enjoy some retail therapy!


The New Eden Store Team