Community Beat for 15 December | EVE Online

Community Beat for 15 December

2023-12-15 - Von EVE Online Community Team

It's that time again! Welcome back to another edition of the Community Beat. It's jam-packed full of content, as everyone has been inciting chaos.

Before we look at what's coming up, let's look at what's recently occurred. To start us off, we have 2-anniversary celebrations:

New Edens' first registered alliance turns 19 Years old!

The first-ever registered alliance in New Eden, Ushra'Khan, celebrated turning 19 years old on 25 November! It is an impressive accomplishment for an establishment in New Eden to continue for so long, and we offer our congratulations and hope to see them hit the big 20 next year!

The Magic Schoolbus project also turns 9 Years old!

CSM Member Mike Azariah usually tours the career systems in New Eden, dropping in, saying "hi!" in local chat in his Bowhead, and handing out free-fitted frigates, destroyers, and even the occasional cruiser to new pilots.

The initiative is sponsored by older players and runs on donations from individuals who donate isk and materials to give new players a little extra leg up. He tells his story in three parts over on Twitter if you want to have a read of it yourself!

If you're a new pilot and under 30 days old, speak up if you see him in the system, and he'll get you sorted, but wait too long, and you'll see a "later gators" as he leaves and makes his way to the next set of systems. If you want to donate anything to the effort, drop by his forum thread and say hi! Congratulations, Mike, amazing work!


On the left, we have a screenshot from Daekarus Prime, and on the right, a screenshot from Antherios.

The Winter Nexus arrived on the 5 December, and over on EVE Online Discord, we've already seen a selection of beautifully chilling pictures of capsuleers visiting wintery sites cropping up.

EVE Partner I-402 put together an alpha-friendly Praxis fit to help you tackle the Winter Nexus Combat sites. If you've been considering putting together a ship to run the sites, perhaps their Praxis fit is something you might try:

Pivot to an Excel-lent eSport EVEnt.

In New Eden, information is power, and the Excel Plugin for EVE Online was launched earlier in the year to help put that power in your hands. We've continued to see its popularity and functionality grow and continue to be amazed at how you all interact and use it. Last weekend, we saw what could be considered one of the pinnacles of its use. EVE Partner and CSM member, The Oz, flew out to Las Vegas for the (if you can believe it) Microsoft Excel World Championship 2023 Finals! The Oz, known by many in EVE for his mastery of understanding market trends and data, designed a seven-stage spreadsheet challenge of increasing difficulty. No spoilers, but the finals were broadcast live on ESPN3 and over on YouTube - it's well worth the watch!

(You can skip to 2:20:05 to watch the EVE Online challenge with The Oz)

EVE Vanguard: Fanfest reviews

During Fanfest this year, we announced our first-person shooter, EVE Vanguard. For a few of the Fanfest attendees, under NDA, we also gave a hands-on experience of the game. Just before the 7 December launch of the first strike, we lifted that NDA for those individuals so that they could talk about their experience. Captain Benzie and Dennie Fleetfoot were two of those individuals, and they both posted their reviews out to the community too:

Dennie did a more traditional blog post style review, which you can find over here, and Captain Benzie posted his review on Youtube:

EVE Vanguard - First Strike: Review & learnings

Last week, we had the EVE Vanguard: First Strike event, and a few extra videos also cropped up in the community. A couple that stood out to us were Zaqq's review and breakdown of the game and a Tips and Tricks video from Juno Tristan, which we thought would be great to review to prepare you for the next EVE Vanguard event in January!

Zaqq - review:

Juno Tristan - 10 Tips and Tricks:

While the next EVE Vanguard event is coming up in January, let's have a look at a few of the other community events that are coming up a little sooner in New Eden:

Friendship Tournament - 16 December 1700 UTC

On Saturday, 16 December at 1700, Astral Acquisitions organized a small PVP Tournament, that they've named the "Friendship Tournament," dubbed "Cruiser Chaos.", the format only allows the use of T1 empire only cruisers, with Meta 4 module limitations and additional restrictions on drone types, and a number of repair modules.

EVE Partner Loru will live cast the Tournament, or you can join their Discord for more details about the Tournament and track the tournament progress on Challonge.

The Fac-War Face-Off - 16 December 2000 UTC

While 'Chaos abounds' has undoubtedly been the theme of the Havoc expansion with the pirates joining the frontlines of the Faction Warfare warzone, many groups aligned with the existing faction militias agreed to get together for a massive free-for-all all on the 16 December 2000 UTC in the system of Fliet. You can find more details on their Reddit post. It's going to be an absolute bloodbath!

While there are rules in place for the event, we feel that enforcing the rules is likely to be a little light, especially if some pirate militias decide to stop by, so, if you want to come along and have a blast, just follow the path of destruction!

Speaking of which, on the topic of militias EVE Done Casual posted a "My First Day as a Gallente Officer" sharing their journey as a member of the Gallente militia. Hilarious in its editorial assembly, if you're thinking of joining a militia or the free-for-all, have a watch:

Luminaire Snowball Fight has its 10th Anniversary - 17 December 2100 UTC

Lastly, on Sunday, 17 December, from 2100 EVE time, Commander A9 will be hosting his regular Snowball fight in Luminaire. This time, they are celebrating their massive 10th Anniversary! It is regularly filled with laser light shows, fireworks, snowballs, secret Santa exchanges, local competitions, and even DJ Daggaroth providing tunes for the event on New Eden Radio. It's usually a whole sensory experience filled with much joy. Also, If you're short of a few festival launchers, look out for a festive Twitch Drop campaign over the weekend to get a little extra. A few CCP will undoubtedly drop in, so we hope to see you there!