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EVE University Professor Produces Educational Video Series

2011-06-26 - Von Svarthol

Aldrat, Metropolis - Seamus Donohue, professor at EVE University, has produced a 46-part video guide to a pod pilot's life in New Eden.

Eve University has long-held a reputation for providing capsuleers with an excellent post-licencing education. The instition hosts lectures by both staff and guests alongside practical classes; while they have produced texts and video lessons in the past, this is the most extensive series of holos so far.

Professor Donohue said "The first round of filming was only a few prototype episodes, [filmed on] April 1st and 2nd." In each episode, the Professor undertakes a typical capsuleer task; the film shows his every interaction with the NeoCom, accompanied by an audio track in which Seamus explains what he is doing and why, and shares his thoughts on the activity.

Professor Donohue said "The learning curve for New Eden is infamously steep. Almost outright vertical, one might say. The universe is complicated, so it's easy for a new citizen to become confused."

Zeroniss, the Media Manager for EVE University, felt that the series' publication would benefit both the University and pilots throughout New Eden. "It cements our reputation for excellence in education further and it will inevitably lead to increased recruitment in the long run. I feel that one of the first assumptions made about EVE University is that it is a training institution. Video tutorials is a rarely explored medium of tuition and it is both refreshing and welcoming to see this medium being explored in a fashion that is beneficial not only to EVE University students, but particularly newer citizens [of New Eden]."

The completion and publication of Professor Seamus Donohue's 46-part series teaching the basics of a pilot's life in New Eden means the Professor is now free for other tasks. "I will probably produce one-shot videos on specific subjects, like how to use vessel directional scanners, or how to run a simple manufacturing job at New Eden industrial facilities."

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Professor Seamus Donohue's Guide to Life in New Eden Updated Edition

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