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Faster than the speed of light

2008-05-15 - Von CCP Ginger

This blog was meant to go out some time ago but due to a Ginger being busier than a stag in rutting season it hasn’t. Now however I am more than glad to present to you our latest ISD division to go under the spotlight, The Interstellar Correspondents (IC). Basically, the IC are journalists and like any journalists half the galaxy think they present good considered news and the other half think they are biased aliens for the planet zeta centauri. They are however extremely hard working individuals who try their best to bring you the news about your exploits to the big page which is not an easy task. To talk more about the IC and what they do I present to you Serathu, Vice Admiral of IC.

--- Serathu ---

"Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws."

  • Douglas Adams (1952 - 2001), "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

Throughout my life, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the phrase "Who are they?" used more than when the Interstellar Correspondents have been brought up in conversation, and given the relative obscurity of the division in the limelight shared by (former) divisions such as Aurora and CRC, I can understand why. Times change, however.

So who are we?

IC is a group of players who have given some of their time and energy to the EVE Volunteer Program known as ISD to bring a wealth of news to the universe of EVE, surrounding anything and everything to do with player-driven events. From fleet battles through racing leagues to alliance tournaments, we aim to bring a broad spectrum of news coverage straight to your screen. Our reporters, working under strict NDAs and bias rules, find stories, research them, interview relevant parties and produce the player news that can be found in the Player News Center, on the login screen and in-game. In more general terms, it is IC’s goal to become the source of player-driven news within the universe of EVE and a news organisation that stands out from that which exists in any other MMORPG, past, present and future. I’ve been given this rather grandiose title of "Editor In Chief", or "Vice Admiral" to those who know the ISD innards, of this small division with big ambitions and as such it is my responsibility to turn that dream into a reality.

Those who keep an eye on the RSS feeds and news pages may have noticed that we’ve recently started adding images to articles, bringing depth and accessibility to what some considered to be a wall of text that takes up space on the login screen. This will continue with more and more articles benefiting from this valuable addition to their content. As the division grows, we are interested in taking this a step further with a view to including audio and video in articles to provide yet more engaging and dynamic news to our readers whilst dramatically increasing the range of coverage so that there are more articles relevant to your life in EVE.

Our goal of expanding our team along with our internal development work will see major improvements in the kind of news that is delivered to players; from a greater variety of coverage (including the upcoming Factional Warfare feature in our Empyrean Age expansion) through to new and exciting output formats. The division is an amazing, vibrant, friendly, team-oriented place to be in and if you wish to be a part of this I encourage you to apply without delay; you won’t regret it.

Come help us bring the marvelous unknown to the entire universe of EVE, faster than the speed of light.

--- Serathu ---

So there you have it. IC are now actively expanding and recruiting and if you think you have what it takes to be a journalist in the most harsh and unforgiving, but ultimately very exciting, universe known to mankind then please apply now

In addition the IC needs you for news leads, and while they scour the forums looking for such things that can only dish up so much, the very best way to bring news to the eyes of the IC is to submit news leads which I can only encourage you all to do. They may not be able to report on every piece submitted but will try their hardest to bring you the most interesting news from EVE straight to your Login Screen/Player News Centre/In game browser.

Best of luck to all the future journalists of EVE.