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IC Tournament Coverage Continues

2012-07-14 - Von CCP Phantom
by ISD Magnus Balteus

Interstellar Correspondents continues its Coverage of the Tenth Alliance Tournament as the group stages continue.

IC's AT X Coverage

Today marks the first of three days of group stages as teams fight it out for a spot in the finals next Sunday.

Teams have been scrambling to find the winning combination of ship and tactics to make it to the end. Interstellar Correspondents' tournament site contains a wealth of data and information that may just make that happen. In addition to current data, information from several past tournaments can also be pulled up for study.

IC's AT X Coverage

IC's AT IX Coverage

IC's AT VIII Coverage

IC's AT VII Coverage

It is of particular note that as this writing, no team fielding less than 12 ships has won their match, regardless of fleet composition and tactics.

Good luck to all the teams and keep hitting that refresh button on our site!

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