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Mixed Metaphor Withdraws Support for Gallente Federation

2010-10-27 - Von Svarthol

Late last month, Mixed Metaphor [MXD] corporation officially withdrew support from both the Gallente Federation and its militia claiming SDII's policies as the reason.

MXD CEO Andreus Ixiris explains: "Recent activities by members of the [Special Division of Internal Investigations] have brought me to realise just how much of a betrayal of the Federation's principles the SDII actually is." Although referencing an incident last year, MXD did not offer any recent "official" proof of wrong-doing nor explain how the events of last year were construed as a "betrayal of the Federation's principles".

Despite the reasons for withdrawing, MXD has been a supporter of the Federation for some time and their withdrawal will have a negative impact in regards to the strength of the Federation capsuleer militia.

Inhonores, a member of the Eleutherian Guard [EL-G] and active militiaman did not seem overly concerned by the news: "Leave the defence of this Federation to us."

With regards to the future of MXD, says Ixiris: "[We're] going to go and assist the peaceful elements of the Intaki seperatist movement now - The ILF [Intaki Liberation Front] and the IPI [Intaki Prosperity Initiative], for instance." Both the ILF and the IPI are capsuleer-run organizations.

In closing, Ixiris adds: "I'd like to make it clear that I'm not turning my back on the Federation because I no longer believe in democracy or liberty. In fact, it is precisely because I believe so strongly in those things that I am doing this."

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