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Rebalancing Modules in EVE Online, Round Two

2014-12-23 - Von CCP Terminus

Hello Capsuleers!

This is CCP Terminus bringing you another devblog, this time covering our continuing Module Tiericide project. For reference to what the Module Tiericide project is all about and what that will mean to your modules please refer to CCP Fozzies previous devblog here: Rebalancing EVE, One Module at a Time. The Proteus release on January 13th will see the second round of this work, with changes to 10 different module types of various categories.

Module Naming

We’ve looked at the feedback from the renaming we did in the first module pass, and we agree we may have gone too far in stripping out the lore and history from modules. However, we still value the information given by the new module names, and as such we will be creating a hybrid naming structure incorporating the two.

Each name will now consist of three parts: [flavour name] [specialization name] [type name]

For example, the Type-D Altered SS Overdrive Injector and other meta 1-4 Overdrive Injectors will be combined and renamed the Type-D Restrained Overdrive Injector. This keeps some of the flavor name, while adding in the specialization name informing you of its focus.

In addition, All flavor names will be consistent if paired with a specialization name meaning all Type-D modules will be Restrained. This adds further consistency to the naming system and prevents knowledge of one naming section from conflicting with another.

These changes will be retroactively applied to modules which have gone through the tiericide process in the past to keep everything consistent.

Modules Affected This Round

There will be 10 modules types affected this round, which fall in to 4 basic types: Harvest Equipment, Hull Upgrades, Propulsion Upgrades, and Engineering Equipment.

Harvest Equipment

Mining Lasers

Mining Lasers have had the number of modules reduced significantly. In addition, some ease-of-use balancing has been done, for instance on the mining laser range, to make them easier and more intuitive to use for newer players.

NameMetaPowergrid UsageCPU UsageActivation Cost (GJ)Optimal Range (km)Duration (s)Mining Amount (m3)
Civilian Miner026520106030
Miner I026020106040
EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser136520166050
Particle Bore Compact Mining Laser125520116050
Miner II548070126060
Single Diode Basic Mining Laser624510116025
ORE Miner848070166065
Gallente Mining Laser836010106045

Mining Laser Upgrades

Mining Laser Upgrades (MLU) for both ore and ice have received the same treatment. Lower tier MLUs have been consolidated into one type. The two higher tier modules have been given storyline status to illustrate their rarity and strength, and given a 1% boost to their mining bonus. Drop rates and locations for the storyline modules have not changed.

MLUs - Ore

NameMetaPowergrid UsageCPU UsageCPU Penalty (%)Mining Amount Bonus (%)
Mining Laser Upgrade I0130105
Elara Restrained Mining Laser Upgrade113588
Mining Laser Upgrade II514012.59
'Carpo' Mining Laser Upgrade613569
'Aoede' Mining Laser Upgrade6140810

MLUs - Ice

NameMetaPowergrid UsageCPU UsageCPU Penalty (%)Cycle Time Bonus (%)
Ice Harvester Upgrade I013010-5
Frigoris Restrained Ice Harvester Upgrade11358-8
Ice Harvester Upgrade II514012.5-9
'Anguis' Ice Harvester Upgrade61356-9
'Ingenii' Ice Harvester Upgrade61408-10

Hull Upgrades

Expanded Cargoholds

All Meta 0 Expanded Cargoholds (Alpha Hull Mod, Marked Modified SS, Partial Hull Conversion, Type-E Altered SS) will be consolidated into the 'Basic' Expanded Cargohold. Given the 'Basic' Expanded Cargohold has a lower Cargo Capacity bonus than all other Meta 0 Cargoholds (with the exception of the Marked Modified SS) of 17.5%, it is advised that you do not have a full cargohold with these modules fitted while in space on Proteus’ release.

In addition to the module tiericide, a new faction module has been added to the Expanded Cargohold lineup. This module will be available from the ORE LP store and/or as a drop.

NameMetaStructure Hitpoint Bonus (%)Cargo Capacity Bonus (%)Velocity Modifier (%)
Civilian Expanded Cargohold0-3010-20
Expanded Cargohold I0-2517.50-15
Type-D Restrained Expanded Cargo1-1522.50-13
Expanded Cargohold II5-2027.50-10
'Basic' Expanded Cargohold6-1017.50-20
Limited Expanded 'Archiver' Cargo I6-1527.50-10
ORE Expanded Cargohold8-2029.00-10

Nanofiber Internal Structures

In addition to the module tiericide, 'Basic' Nanofiber Internal Structures will be losing the Hull Upgrades I requirement. This keeps them in line with other 'Basic' modules by having low overall power, with low fitting and skill requirements.

NameMetaSkill RequirementsStructure Hitpoint Bonus (%)Velocity Modifier (%)Inertia Modifier (%)
Nanofiber Internal Structure I0Mechanics I Hull Upgrades I-157.75-13
Type-D Restrained Nanofiber Structure1Mechanics I Hull Upgrades I-108.50-14.5
Nanofiber Internal Structure II5Mechanics I Hull Upgrades II-209.50-15.75
'Basic' Nanofiber Internal Structure6Mechanics I-55.25-10.25
Synthetic Hull Conversion Nanofiber Structure8Mechanics I Hull Upgrades I-108.75-15.5
Domination Nanofiber Structure8Mechanics I Hull Upgrades I-159.50-16
Republic Fleet Nanofiber Structure8Mechanics I Hull Upgrades I-159.50-16

Reinforced Bulkheads

The most significant changes to Reinforced Bulkhead balance will be the slight increase in the Inertial Modifier. This penalty will be increasing slightly in order to add more significance to the stat and allow for greater variance. All modules still fall between the 1% and 5% Inertial Modifier increase. Reinforced Bulkheads II gain the largest penalty from this, keeping with the theme of Tech II modules having the most power outside of faction and storyline modules, but with the largest drawbacks. In addition to the rebalancing, two new faction modules have been added to the Reinforced Bulkhead lineup. These module will be available from their appropriate LP Store and/or as drops.

NameMetaPowergrid UsageCPU UsageStructure Hitpoint Bonus (%)Cargo Capacity Bonus (%)Inertia Modifier (%)
Reinforced Bulkheads I013515-103
Mark I Compact Reinforced Bulkheads112518-73
Type-D Restrained Reinforced Bulkheads113518-51
Reinforced Bulkheads II514025-115
'Basic' Reinforced Bulkheads611510-51
Synthetic Hull Conversion Reinforced Bulkheads612020-53
ORE Reinforced Bulkheads813527-64
Syndicate Reinforced Bulkheads813527-102

Propulsion Upgrades

Inertial Stabilizers

In addition to the module tiericide, two new faction modules have been added to the Inertial Stabilizers lineup. These module will be available from their appropriate LP Store and/or as drops.

NameMetaSignature Radius Bonus (%)Inertia Modifier (%)
Inertia Stabilizers I010-16.75
Type-D Restrained Inertial Stabilizers19-18.50
Inertia Stabilizers II511-20.00
'Basic' Inertia Stabilizers65-14.00
Synthetic Hull Conversion Inertia Stabilizers66-20.00
Domination Inertial Stabilizers87-20.50
Shadow Serpentis Inertial Stabilizers810-21.50

Overdrive Injectors

NameMetaCargo Capacity Bonus (%)Velocity Modifier (%)
Overdrive Injector System I0-1510.50
Type-D Restrained Overdrive Injector1-1011.75
Overdrive Injector System II5-2012.50
'Basic' Overdrive Injector System6-16.00
Synthetic Hull Conversion Overdrive Injector6-312.00
Domination Overdrive Injector8-512.50
Republic Fleet Overdrive Injector8-512.50

Engineering Equipment

Power Diagnostic Systems

NameMeta LevelCPUShield Recharge Rate Bonus (%)Shield Hitpoint Bonus (%)Capacitor Recharge Rate Bonus (%)Powergrid Bonus (%)Capacitor Capacity Bonus (%)
Power Diagnostic System I0207.547.554
Mark I Compact Power Diagnostic System11784.585.54.5
Power Diagnostic System II5228.558.565
'Basic' Power Diagnostic System685252.52
'Cartel' Power Diagnostic System I6108.558.55.55
Caldari Navy Power Diagnostic System8168.868.57.55
Thukker Power Diagnostic System8168.868.57.55
Shadow Serpentis Power Diagnostic System8168.558.87.56
Ammatar Navy Power Diagnostic System8168.558.87.56
Dark Blood Power Diagnostic System8168.558.87.56
True Sansha Power Diagnostic System8168.558.87.56
Brokara's Modified Power Diagnostic System111810.78756.2510.78757.8756.25
Brynn's Modified Power Diagnostic System111810.78756.2510.78757.8756.25
Tairei's Modified Power Diagnostic System111810.78756.2510.78757.8756.25
Raysere's Modified Power Diagnostic System122013.0756.513.0758.256.5
Selynne's Modified Power Diagnostic System122013.0756.513.0758.256.5
Tuvan's Modified Power Diagnostic System122013.0756.513.0758.256.5
Ahremen's Modified Power Diagnostic System132215.36256.7515.36258.6256.75
Setele's Modified Power Diagnostic System132215.36256.7515.36258.6256.75
Vizan's Modified Power Diagnostic System132215.36256.7515.36258.6256.75
Chelm's Modified Power Diagnostic System142417.65717.6597
Cormack's Modified Power Diagnostic System142417.65717.6597
Draclira's Modified Power Diagnostic System142417.65717.6597

Capacitor Power Relays

NameMeta LevelCPUShield Boost Bonus (%)Capacitor Recharge Rate Bonus (%)
Capacitor Power Relay I04-1020
Type-D Restrained Capacitor Power Relay14-1022
Mark I Compact Capacitor Power Relay12-822
Capacitor Power Relay II58-1124
'Basic' Capacitor Power Relay61-510
'Motte' Capacitor Power Relay I62-725
Ammatar Navy Capacitor Power Relay84-825
Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay84-825
Imperial Navy Capacitor Power Relay84-825
Khanid Navy Capacitor Power Relay84-825
True Sansha Capacitor Power Relay84-825
Brokara's Modified Capacitor Power Relay118-10.526.875
Tairei's Modified Capacitor Power Relay118-10.526.875
Raysere's Modified Capacitor Power Relay1212-1128.75
Selynne#39;s Modified Capacitor Power Relay1212-1128.75
Ahremen's Modified Capacitor Power Relay1316-11.530.625
Makur's Modified Capacitor Power Relay1116-10.530.625
Vizan's Modified Capacitor Power Relay1316-11.530.625
Chelm's Modified Capacitor Power Relay1420-1232.5
Draclira's Modified Capacitor Power Relay1420-1232.5

Capacitor Rechargers

NameMeta LevelCPUCapacitor Recharge Rate Bonus (%)
Cap Recharger I01015
Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger1817.5
Cap Recharger II51520
'Basic' Capacitor Recharger0412
'Palisade' Cap Recharger I6820
Ammatar Navy Cap Recharger81021
Dark Blood Cap Recharger81021
Imperial Navy Cap Recharger81021
Khanid Navy Cap Recharger81021
True Sansha Cap Recharger81021
Brokara's Modified Cap Recharger111524
Tairei's Modified Cap Recharger111524
Raysere's Modified Cap Recharger121828
Selynne's Modified Cap Recharger121828
Ahremen's Modified Cap Recharger132032
Vizan's Modified Cap Recharger132032
Chelm's Modified Cap Recharger142336
Draclira's Modified Cap Recharger142336

We will be taking feedback into account for all modules and there may be some further changes between now and the release of Proteus based on this feedback. As always, we hope you’ve enjoyed running through these changes with us, and we look forward to hearing what you have to say in the comments.

  • CCP Terminus and the whole CCP Module Taskforce


Based on feedback and further tweaking, we've made the following changes to some modules. These changes are listed below, and take precedence over the statistics above.

Capacitor Power Relays

NameCPUShield Boost Bonus (%)Capacitor Recharge Rate Bonus (%)
Type-D Restrained Capacitor Power Relay4-822
Mark I Compact Capacitor Power Relay2-1022

Type-D Restrained Capacitor Power Relay – Shield Boost penalty decreased from -10% to -8%
Mark I Compact Capacitor Power Relay – Shield Boost penalty decreased from -8% to -10%
The Shield Boost Bonus error has been fixed. Type-D and Mark I modules had the value reversed.

Expanded Cargoholds

NameStructure Hitpoint Bonus (%)Cargo Capacity Bonus (%)Velocity Modifier (%)
Civilian Expanded Cargohold-3010-20
Expanded Cargohold I-2017.50-15
Type-D Restrained Expanded Cargo-1522.50-13
Expanded Cargohold II-2327.50-18
'Basic' Expanded Cargohold-517.50-20

Expanded Cargohold I – Structure Hitpoint penalty reduced from -25% to -20%
Expanded Cargohold II – Structure Hitpoint penalty increased from 20% to -23%, Velocity modifier increased from -10% to -18%
These three changes should bring the T1 and T2 Expanded Cargoholds better in line with other module types, with the T2 version of a module giving the best performance but with higher drawbacks than T1.
'Basic' Expanded Cargohold – Structure Hitpoint penalty reduced from -10% to -5%. This should allow players who care more about keeping as much structure hitpoint as possible an attractive option, at the cost of cargo capacity.

Inertial Stabilizers

Inertial Stabilizers are now consistently named Inertial Stabilizers instead of some being Inertia Stabilizers and some Inertial Stabilizers.

NameSignature Radius Bonus (%)Inertia Modifier (%)
Type-D Restrained Inertial Stabilizers8-18.50

Type-D Restrained Inertial Stabilizers – Signature Radius penalty decreased from 9% to 8%