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The ETC is Dead, Long Live the PLEX Activation Code!

2014-05-20 - Von CCP Spitfire

Intrepid space pilots, we have important news for you. 

As you most likely know, for many years now we have been distributing EVE Time Codes (or ETCs for short) through our numerous partners around the world. However, over time the concept of a "time code" became less commonplace and increasingly overshadowed by PLEX, introduced back in 2008. 

To make things less confusing for our players and simplify the EVE Online product line, we began distributing new codes to our partners starting 1 May 2014 called PLEX Activation Codes (or PACs for short). Each PAC enables its buyer to purchase a number of PLEX — 1, 2, 6, 12, or 28 PLEX — via the Account Management system. The Suggested Retail Price (SRP) on PLEX Activation Codes is going to be the same as the SRP for PLEX offered directly by CCP — so a 2-PLEX Code will cost you the same as a an old 60-day ETC  would have. 

That said, there are some important usability changes related to the new PLEX Activation Codes that deserve a separate mention, so read on for more information.

**What is a "PLEX Activation Code"? **

A "PLEX Activation Code" is a prepaid product sold via our partners. These may include items, game time for new accounts (as Starter Packs) or PLEX.

A PLEX can be used for different purposes, including upgrading a trial account, adding game time or getting in-game currency by trading it on the in-game market. 

Full list of our third-party retailers can be found on this page

These partners will email you a PLEX Code immediately after purchase, so it is important that you input correct information when purchasing PLEX Activation Codes.

What is a PLEX?

A Pilot License Extension (PLEX) is an item that adds 30 days of game time to your EVE Online account. It can be converted from any game time code and, like any other item, it can be traded on the EVE market. More information on PLEX and various ways to use it can be found in the EVE Online Knowledge Base.

How do these PLEX Activation Codes work?

PLEX Activation Codes work virtually the same way as the old ETCs did; the only difference is that the new PLEX Activation Codes must be used on the EVE Online Account Management website (// If you try to use a new PLEX Activation Code in the EVE Online client, you will get an error message directing you to the Account Management website.

Please note that purchasing a PLEX does not automatically extend the subscription on your account. In order to do that, you first need to redeem a PLEX, then activate it from within the game client.

Can the PLEX Activation Codes be used to extend my subscription?

Yes, you can use the code to extend your EVE Online subscription by 30 days.

Can I use these PLEX Activation Codes on a trial account?

Yes, these codes can be used on trial accounts, and you can upgrade your trial status with PLEX.

Can I use these PLEX Activation Codes if my account is inactive?

Yes, you can reactivate your subscription with PLEX using the Account Management website. If you have some PLEX in game on an inactive account, you can also use the Hours for PLEX option to use PLEX from the game.

What happens to the old ETCs? Are there any plans to deactivate those?

There are no immediate plans to deactivate any ETCs distributed by CCP to its partners.  ETCs will simply not be available anymore – PLEX Codes will be the new item sold by CCP’s partners.

**What happens to the Secure Time Code exchange? **

The old ETCs can be traded with other players via the Secure Time Code exchange as before. The new PLEX Codes cannot be traded directly, but you can buy and sell your PLEX on the market after redeeming the PLEX Code in the Account Management system. 

**I saw some really cheap PLEX on the Internet -- is this legit? **

A list of official CCP partners can be found here. We urge all players to exercise common sense and caution with other sources. Many offers on the Internet are posted by Real Money Traders (RMT-ers), and dealing with them is not only against the EVE Online EULA but can also compromise your account and put your personal information at risk. 

For example, if someone offers to sell you PLEX for real money and deliver it in game, that it is a EULA violation (and we encourage you to report such instances to us at PLEX sold by CCP and its partners are delivered to the account’s redeeming system.

Fly safely!