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Timeline of Escalating Tensions - Continued

2008-06-09 - Von Svarthol

The last month has seen great changes in the political landscape between the major factions within New Eden. In this article we continue to follow driving forces for this new instability, while discovering out how capsuleers view these events.

28th May 14:40 – A “democratic sovereignty” is declared over the Skarkon System by the Archangel Cartel following the collection of a petition containing signatures from ten million Skarkon II inhabitants. CONCORD dismissed any chance of a real transfer of sovereignty away from the Minmatar Republic.

29th May 16:59 – Six mega corporations reach an agreement with Tibus Heth’s Caldari Providence Directorate granting him access to the vast majority of the Caldari State’s industrial base. The final mega-corporation having not originally signed on, the beleaguered Ishukone Corporation, joins the accord the following day.

Capsuleers across New Eden have been discussing the recent actions of Tibus Heth via GalNet, with one Caldari pilot taking quite a dim view: “Heth is one of the worst things that have ever happened to the State. We've got all the mega-corporations under the sway of a radical warmongering nut job with a racist agenda.” Other pilots like Eventy One have quite a different opinion: “In our history, great men (with all of the right qualities) have always managed to rise and lead our people through tough times. Tibus Heth is another example of such a man.”

30th May 10:29 – The CONCORD Bureau Station in Yuali is surrounded by a mystery armada composed of Thukker Tribe warships, and Naglfar dreadnaughts which have Republic Fleet markings. A standoff ensured between the armada and CONCORD/DED warships, but they seemingly left without incident. SCOPE News later uncovers that the arrival of the fleet coincided with a threat made by disgraced Minmatar Ambassador Mr. Yun. A Minmatar spokesman denies any Republic Fleet involvement with the mysterious armada, and states that all Republic Fleet warships where accounted for at the occasion.

“Well, if the intent was to undermine the credibility of CONCORD as a peacekeeping organization, I'd say they've done a damn good job.” The view of a Caldari pilot called Stitcher, soon after the event. Rodj Blake on the other hand had stern words about the Minmatar response via a statement made on GalNet on the behalf of Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris: “The Minamtar government's response to the events has been weak and ineffectual.”

2nd June 17:13 – In the wake of Tibus Heth’s earlier announcement to quarantine all Gallentean expatriates, racially motivated violence continues to rage on Gallente controlled Caldari Prime. This increase in racial tensions has lead to many Gallentean people attempting to escape the Caldari State, but they have found themselves being forced to leave ‘donations’ before facing permanent exile.

3rd June 14:58 – An apparent threat by President Foiritan to enforce martial law on Caldari Prime leads Tibus Heth to declare a Caldari State national draft. Just a few hours later this threat is realised with Foiritan declaring martial law on Caldari Prime stating that they have “exhausted all other means of quelling the violence”.

The martial law mandates the separation of the Caldari population from the Gallente, Nexus Wolfguard has expressed his concern at this decision via GalNet: "they become a tempting target for activism, terrorism, even teenaged acts of vandalism. It only takes one volley from a rogue planetary defence station to wipe out a large Caldari population with little risk of 'collateral damage' (Gallentians)."

4th June 08:36 – A large population of Starkmanir slaves are discovered on the sixth planet of the Jarizza System. The Starkmanir Tribe was believed to have been full exterminated during the Amarr occupation of Minmatar space. The Court Chamberlain, Dochuta Karsoth, pledged the Empires support in helping these remaining tribe members. Prime Minister Karin Midular later releases a statement calling for a cooperative effort between the Minmatar Republic and the Amarr Empire to secure their prompt release.

5th June 14:43 – Admiral Saracen, Commander of the infamous 7th Fleet, is recalled to the Throne Worlds at the orders of the Chamberlain’s office; the reasoning is later confirmed through a statement stating that the Admiral is a traitor to the Amarr Empire. In the following days the Amarr Navy reassigns the 7th Fleet away from their relatively successful posting in The Bleak Lands to patrolling the fringes of Aridia.

5th June 16:08 – Maleatu Shakor, Brutor party leader, calls an emergency parliamentary session demanding a vote of no-confidence in the current Minmatar governmental administration. The leader cites the recent Archangel-Skarkon debacle, the continuing appeasement doctrine with the Amarr, and finally the recent statement pledging to co-operation on the Starkmanir Tribe members recovery as his reasons for the vote. The result is dissolution of the Minmatar Parliament, which in turn leads to riots, looting, and violence in many cities throughout the Republic.

When asked if she agreed with Maleatu’s actions Elsebeth Rhiannon said: “Yes and no. Personally, I think Malaetu Shakor is in the wrong and that the current... that Midular's government's policies have served us well. However, Shakor very clearly does not agree with me. He is exercising his legal rights to campaign for the policies he feels are essential and right.” She went on to comment about the Electus Matari Alliance view on the situation: “we are loyal to the Republic, to the alliance of the four tribes, not to any particular government. As long as power shifts by legal means, we will remain loyal.”

8th June 17:51 – In a sudden and unexpected move the Archangels completely withdraw from the Skarkon system, and rescind their symbolic claim in a communiqué made to the CONCORD Bureau. A link between this sudden withdrawal and the discovery of the long lost Starkmanir Tribe members has been circulating as a rumour, but this, nor has any other reason for the action been confirmed.

_“Quite delusional nonsense....”_was Elsebeth Rhiannon’s comment about the Archangel’s initial claim, and about the following retraction: “It should be clear to anyone that the Angel Cartel is no beneficiary to the people, no matter what they claim. So the theory that all the publicity about the annexing was a smokescreen seems to me the most believable... for what, it is more difficult to put a finger on.”